Tales of Arise – Great Dragon (Boss Guide)

How to Defeat the Great Dragon

You’ll hunt this Gigant during the sub-quest Claiming a Bounty in Viscint. Exit to the Traslida Highway and mark the quest as priority. Check the map so you can get as close to the dragon as you can, then fight the Boars directly below it. The ruckus will soon lure the gigant into joining the fray.

This enemy is weak to water and it has a spirit core on its chest. However head-on attacks are incredibly dangerous at low levels so try to constantly circle around it and attack from behind. This way you can protect yourself and your allies by making them follow you.

Keep moving along the edge of the battle area when the dragon takes to the air. A big attack will follow when it lands; make sure to stay out of the way.

Back off and keep distance as soon as the dragon enters overlimit. Wait for it to calm down before moving in to attack again. Use Orange Gels if you run out of CP.

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