Tales of Arise – Relentless Charger (Boss Guide)

How to Defeat the Relentless Charger

You’ll hunt this Gigant during the sub-quest A Boorish Boar. The enemy’s spirit core is in it’s tusks so attack it with wind artes to exploit two of its weaknesses at once.

If you choose to use a melee character like Alphen, artes such as Severing Wind is the safest bet, given that the attack takes you to the air, then follow through with Rising Falcon to get away from the boar in case it suddenly charges.

Use Kisara’s boost attack to stop the boar in its tracks. Keeping away from the Gigant will tempt to charge a distant target as well. So use yourself as a decoy, then send Kisara to block as soon as the enemy charges. Make sure her boost gauge is full before you do this though.

Once the Gigant enters overlimit, nothing can stop it from knocking anyone over, so fall back and stay out of the way until it ends. Use Orange Gels to restore CP when needed.

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