Tales of Arise – Toxidillo (Boss Guide)

How to Defeat the Toxidillo

This enemy has no weaknesses so you’ll have to focus on attacking its tail while it glows orange. Shionne has the advantage here as her artes can hit the target’s weak spot without having to move behind it. For Alphen, you’ll want to circle around and hit the tail with your strongest arte until you knock the zeugle down.

At this point, you can attack at will without being countered. Swallow Blade in particular can be charged to follow through with Infernal Torrent. Naturally, you must take advantage of any opportunity to use Boost Strikes for big damage when available.

Toxidilllo’s moveset is mostly limited to two variations of spinning attacks which are easily avoided by moving around the field, away from its path. It is best not to attack it while in this state especially when it enters overlimit.

Next on the list is a green sludge that deals significant damage if you get hit. It is also safe to assume the stuff is toxic and may inflict poison. Avoid these at all costs.

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