Talvisota – Winter War – How to Range with the Dyakonov

Learn how to shoot with the dyakonov at range!


If you have trouble hitting targets with the Dyakonov, then this guide is just for you. It’s not as hard as you think, after reading this guide and a few hours of practice, you will be able to harvest the power of the Russian noobtube.

Ranging with the Dyakonov

The image above is the secret to using the Dyakonov properly, get it ingrained in your head. When you want to launch a grenade at an enemy from a long distance, line up the (imaginary) vertical line with the enemy like so, then use the (imaginary) horizontal line to range it properly. Remember to account for altitude and obsctacles in the grenade’s flight path as well. See the image below.(The blue signifies an enemy soldier.)

Then pull the trigger!

Great succes! The discrepancy between the kill distance and the markings I used above is due to the altitude and the terrain.

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