Tarisland – Quick Guide: PvE Paladin Tank Build

Paladin Tank Build Guide (PvE)

This is a quick start guide on how been playing the Paladin Tank (Shield). If you have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to share them in the comments.


  • Resilience: Avoid critical hits.
  • Stamina: Increase HP and health recovery.
  • Focus: Boost armor rate.
  • Glancing: Reduce incoming damage by 25%.
  • Cooldown Rate: Shorten cooldowns and increase cast speed.
  • Omni: Reduce damage and gain immunity.

My Priority Has Been:

Glancing > Cooldown > Focus > Stamina 

(Resilience as soon as It’s available at a gear).


  • Divine Body (3/3)
  • Mental Focus (3/3)
  • Holy Hammer (3/3)
  • Returning Shield (3/3)
  • Holy Shield Bash (1/1)
  • Thermal Recovery (3/3)
  • Fast Recharge (3/3)
  • Flying Shield+ (3/3)
  • Guardian Shield (2/2)
  • Holy Regen+ (2/2)
  • Aegis+ (3/3)
  • Heart of Fire (3/3)

Runes and Emblems:

  1. Barrierguard
  2. Reversal
  3. Tribal Ode
  4. Steelbone
  5. Potential


  1. Holy fire, the one without a cooldown.
  2. Flying Shield.
  3. Holy Shield Throw.

Save Holy Regen and Ardent Guardian to deal with mechanics.


  • Guardian Order – Single target taunt skill, good for grabbing bosses at the start of a fight.
  • Challenge Guardian – AoE taunt skill, good to get control over big packs.
  • Punishment – Interrupts enemies, I always keep that around just in case.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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