TEKKEN 7 – How to Easily Reverse Asuka’s Parry

How to Easily Chicken (Reverse) Asuka’s Parry

Asuka’s parry can be pretty annoying. Low ranks will use it 100 times per round since no beginner can deal with it. Usually, this is how players reverse (chicken) the parry.

There are 3 ways of reversing it. Left one, right one, and the easy one.

Left one is when you attack with either 1 or 3 and if Asuka parries it, you chicken it with f1+3. This is the left parry. For example, if you do a df1 that also counts as a left chicken because your 1 is getting parried.

Right parry is when either your 2 or 4 attacks are getting parried. So you chicken right parry with f2+4.

But now, easy parry time!

Easy parry is f+ki-charge! You can set ki-charge on 1 button. Any button you want.

So next time when your attacks are getting parried from Asuka, just f+ki-charge to easily reverse.

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