Temtem – How TVs Work Guide

TVs are extremely important in the meta of Temtem as they dictate how well a Temtem excels in terms of its stats. They’re a behind-the-scene mechanic that players concerned with competitive battles will need to learn and understand as soon as possible. For players less concerned with that, TVs aren’t all that important.

Still, Temtem doesn’t really explain what Temtems are or how they work. Fortunately for you, this guide does.

Here’s How TVs Work

TV stands for Training Value and they’re similar to EVs of Pokemon fame. They are stat boosts that sit on top of your standard stats. You can only have 500 for a single stat like HP or Speed but only a grand total of 1000 across all seven stats (HP, Stamina, Speed, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense). Each species of Temtem yields a different TV once it’s defeated.

Each Temtem you defeat yields a TV value. You can gain up to 500 TV for a single stat like HP or ATK and a maximum of 1000 TVs across all stats for a single Temtem. If you want to raise your Temtem’s ATK TV, you’d focus on defeating Temtem that yield ATK TVs. Our Tempedia can tell you what each Temtem in the game yields in terms of TV.

TVs start at zero and increase based on which Temtem you defeat. The formula is currently not known for determining exactly how many TVs are needed to increase a stat by a point, but theoretically, X amount of Y TVs increase your Y stat by a single point.

Hypothetical example: It takes 5 ATK TVs to increase your Temtem’s attack by 1. So, to increase your Temtem’s attack by a single point, you would need to defeat enough Temtem to earn 5 ATK TVs.

TVs can help make up some ground on lower SVs and subsequent base stats and they can bring an already great Temtem’s stats to new heights.

How TVs Are Different From SVs

To put things into Pokemon terms, SVs are the IVs of Temtem while TVs are the EVs. If you haven’t played Pokemon or aren’t familiar with those terms in Pokemon, that won’t help you all that much but this guide will. Let’s break it down.

SVs go from 1 to 50 and the SV number associated with each stat (think HP, STA, SPD, etc) tells you how high or low that stat is. A Temtem with a 50 SV (the max) for HP will have the maximum base HP possible for that Temtem. SVs cannot be manipulated by the player. A Temtem’s SV will always be its SV for whichever stat you’re looking at.

So what you’d ideally want in a Temtem is a Temtem with 50 SVs in each category of stats. This would mean the Temtem has perfect base value stats. A Temtem with a 1 SV for all of its stats, on the other hand, would be a Temtem with the lowest possible base value stats.

If you want a strong attack Temtem, you’ll want a Temtem with 50 SVs for attack or at least close to 50, and so on.

How to Get a Perfect Stat Temtem

To get a perfect Temtem, if you will, you’re going to need to do a lot. A random Untamed Temtem will have its SVs randomly assigned. You will not find a perfect Temtem in the wild. You’re going to have to do some serious breeding to get a perfect Temtem on your team.

The Breeding Center is pictured below and can be found on The Canopath.

Here’s how to do breed the perfect Temtem:

  1. Capture 7 Temtem with at least one 50 SV stat each. A 50 SV stat means that stat is the highest base value you possible. You need 7 different Temtem, each with a different perfect stat (50 SV).
  2. If possible, ensure these 7 Temtem have the maximum fertility (7). For more information on that, check out our Temtem Breeding guide.
  3. All 7 of these Temtem need to be the same type but if possible, all 7 of these Temtem should be of the same species.
  4. Each of these Temtem need to pass down their perfect stat and that can be done using DNA Strand items, which can be purchased for 1000 Pansun each:
    1. Vitality DNA Strand: Passes down HP
    2. Lithe DNA Strand: Passes down SPD
    3. Endurance DNA Strand: Passes down STA
    4. Aggressive DNA Strand: Passes down ATK
    5. Hardening DNA Strand: Passes down DEF
    6. Gifted DNA Strand: Passes down SPATK
    7. Dominant DNA Strand: Passes down SPDEF
  5. Breed the following stat pairs with their respective DNA strand:
    1. Breed your perfect ATK Temtem with your perfect SPATK Temtem
    2. Breed your perfect DEF Temtem with your perfect SPDEF Temtem
    3. Breed your Perfect STA Temtem with your perfect HP Temtem
    4. Breed one of these two Temtem that would create a combination of perfect stats not seen in the above steps (HP + ATK, etc).
    5. This will give you 4 offspring Temtem
  6. The 4 offspring Temtem should have the following:
    1. Offspring 1: Perfect ATK and SPATK
    2. Offspring 2: Perfect DEF and SPDEF
    3. Offspring 3: Perfect STA and HP
    4. Offspring 4: the two perfect stats of the Temtem used in step 5.4.
  7. Now, equip the offspring with a DNA strand item that lets them pass down their two perfect stats:
    1. Vigor DNA Strand: Passes down HP and STA, 5000 Pansuns
    2. Mighty DNA Strand: Passes down ATK and SPATK, 5000 Pansuns
    3. Immunity DNA Strand: Passes down DEF and SPDEF, 5000 Pansuns
  8. Breed the 4 Offspring with a Temtem that has a perfect SPD value (SV = 50).
    1. The Temtem with the perfect SPD will need to hold a Lithe DNA Strand to ensure they pass down that perfect SPD stat.
  9. This new batch of offspring should have three perfect stats now. SPD will be one of the perfect stats and the other two will depend on the combination used.
    1. Because we’re going to breed Temtem together next that both have perfect SPD values, the perfect SPD values are guaranteed to be passed down to offspring so a Lithe DNA Strand is not necessary.
  10. Breed the following combinations:
    1. Pair 1: Perfect ATK and SPATK (and SPD) Temtem holding Mighty DNA Strand with perfect DEF and SPDEF (and SPD) Temtem holding Immunity DNA Strand.
    2. Pair 2: Perfect DEF and SPDEF (and SPD) Temtem holding Immunity DNA Strand with perfect STA and HP (and SPD) Temtem holding Vigor DNA Strand.
    3. Pair 3: Perfect ATK and SPATK (and SPD) Temtem holding Mighty DNA Strand with perfect STA and HP (and SPD) Temtem holding Vigor DNA Strand.
    4. Pair 4: Do the combination you haven’t done yet — this will be based on what you did in Step 5.4.
  11. Of these 4 offspring, you will have 2 Temtem with 5 (out of 7) perfect stats. The two non-perfect stats should be stats that the other Temtem does have as perfect.
  12. Give each Temtem the DNA Strand necessary to pass down the two perfect stats it has that the other Temtem does not have. If the partner Temtem is lacking perfect ATK and SPATK, you need to give the other Temtem with perfect ATK and SPATK the Mighty DNA Strand, for example.
  13. The offspring of those two Temtem will be a perfect stat (all SVs = 50) Temtem.
  14. Congrats! You have a perfect Temtem!
  15. NEXT: Research where that Temtem excels. If its ATK and SPATK are its highest stats (all of its stats will be perfect but which stats have the highest numerical values?), you should focus on TV training the ATK and SPATK TV values.
    1. This means you should only defeat Temtem that yield ATK and SPATK TVs with this Temtem.
    2. Because you only get a max of 1000 TVs per Temtem, you should try to get 500 TVs for ATK and 500 TVs for SPATK in this instance.
      1. Of course, unless your Temtem was level 1, it will likely already have earned some TVs in stats you don’t necessarily want. To combat this, use Fruit items to decrease specific TV values until the TV value is at 0.

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