Terraria – Dungeon Guide (Journey’s End / Update 1.4)

The 1.4 Dungeon has been changed, and this guide will help you! There is a few changes… let’s get dungeon diving!

Dungeon Guide (1.4)

Getting In

First, see that old guy outside the enterance? He spawns Skeletron, who you have to fight to actally enter. This guide isn’t about Skeletron, so there’s that.

Uh…. did the Dungeon get smaller?

No, it didn’t Look closely at the walls near the dead end…. and you’ll find them.

Cracked Bricks? Are my eyes working?

Yes, your eyes are working. Those “cracked” bricks are a new block, called (unsurpisingly) Cracked Dungeon Bricks! Now, they are like Sand, Thin Ice, and with a little Desert Fossil mixed in. Sometimes, if you step on them, they crumble away. And if you dig them up, the crumble away. They may do this in big chunks, or one block at a time.

Watch your step…

Now, the more malevolent of you are begging for me to tell you how to make them, so you can trick your friends, but also know that Re-Logic also thought of your ideas…

I want to make these already

It’s an simple recipe:

  • x1 Dungeon Brick in a Heavy Workbench in a Graveyard make.
  • x2 Cracked Bricks (You should have a Graveyard. If you’re a Hardcore player, grab a Guide Voodoo Doll and kill the Guide yourself. Don’t drop it in lava, kill him yourself. You’ll see why).

I want a challenge

Try this:

  • Pre-Hardmode Dungeon: Just grab the things you need, no more. Once you have those things, get out.
  • Post-Plantera Dungeon: Explore the entire thing, head to toe.

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