Terraria – How to Beat Skeletron (Expert/Master Edition)

Simply something to help you kill skeletron.

Guide to Beat Skeletron

Step 1: Armor & Weapons

  • If you are an melee user: your armor and weapons should be this: Molten Armor, Amazon, Volcano (Molten Greatsword), & Meatball/Ball O Hurt.
  • If you are an ranger: Fossil Armor, Minishark With Meteor Bullets, Molten Fury With Hellfire arrows, & Molotov Cocktails.
  • If your an mage: Meteor armor, Vilethorn/Crimson Rod, Space Gun, & Amber Staff.
  • If your an Summoner: Obsidian Armor, Imp Staff, Vampire Frog Staff, & Snapthorn.

Step 2: Accessories

  • The main things you should have for this: Hermes Boots & it’s upgrades, The Fledgling Wings, & The Shield of Cthulhu.

Step 3: Arena

  • You should at have 2 or more platforms a bit longer than the dungeon, with a campfire, bast statue, & Heart Lamps.
Created by Lario

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