Terraria – List of the Most Expensive Items

Players should save their platinum coins if they intend on purchasing the following items in Terraria. Some of the items on this list aren’t necessary for progression and are purely for aesthetic purposes. Here arethe most expensive items in Terraria that players need to save up their platinum coins for, especially when the Traveling Merchant comes to town!

Most Expensive Item List

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Sparkly Wings

Wings are a must-have for players as soon as their world enters Hardmode. They allow players to soar to new heights, so they can reach the distant Sky Islands and even the Space layer of their world, where mysterious enemies hover.

Many Wings in Terraria can be crafted, but if players don’t want to spend time grinding for the rare required materials, they can sometimes buy Wings from an NPC vendor. The Sparkly Wings are as expensive as they look. They can be purchased from the Dryad for 40 gold, but only during a Blood Moon event.

Ice Rod

The Ice Rod is a magical Hardmode staff that auto-fires temporary blocks of ice. These ice blocks can last up to 15 seconds. It is perfect for players wanting to make a quick getaway from enemies, as Ice is a slippery surface that boosts the player’s movement speed when they run across it.

The Ice Rod is handy for zoning off threats, as the player can continue to strike enemies through the Ice barrier. This weapon can be bought from the Wizard for a pricey 50 gold.

Bedazzled Nectar

The Bedazzled Nectar is an adorable, seemingly Hallow-inspired pet-summoning item sold by the Traveling Merchant. When interacted with, this item summons a glitzy, bejeweled purple butterfly pet that will follow the player around.

This adorable pet does cost a whopping one platinum coin from the Traveling Merchant, who rarely spawns in the player’s home base. Although it provides no combat or skill bonuses, the Bedazzled Nectar is still worth picking up for any pet collectors.​​​​​​​

Celestial Wand

Terraria is full of small pop-culture references for its eagle-eyed fans to spot, often paying homage to other popular games like Stardew Valley and Don’t Starve. The Celestial Wand and its vanity costume counterpart, the Star Princess set, both reference Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.

The Celestial Wand summons a small star pet called Estee that follows the player and emits a small sparkly beam while moving at high speeds. This pet-summoning item can only be purchased from the Traveling Merchant for one platinum.

Bamboo Leaf

Who doesn’t love an adorable red panda? Luckily, Terraria provides players with an option to have their very own Baby Red Panda as a companion who will stick by their side, through thick and thin. When separated from the player, the Baby Red Panda will ride on top of a flying bamboo stick to catch up.

The Bamboo Leaf is the summoning item for the Baby Red Panda pet and is only purchasable from the Traveling Merchant for one platinum coin.

Glass Slipper

Fashion is a crucial aspect of any game, adding some much-needed fun and individual zest to the game, and Terraria is no different. It features an abundance of vanity sets for players to flex their fashion sense. These vanity items can be worn over armor, changing the character’s appearance without replacing defensive bonuses. ​​​​​​​

The Cinderella-inspired Glass Slippers are gorgeous clear shoes that leave a trail of sparkles behind the player, making them feel like a real princess. Any players wanting a little added pep in their step can grab them from the Princess NPC for one platinum. The Princess is essentially the end-game NPC, as she only appears when all other NPC residents have moved in (not including the pets, town slimes, or Santa Claus) and Plantera is defeated.

Universal Pylon

Navigating around large worlds in Terraria can be time-consuming, as mounts often feel sluggish and slow, wings cannot infinitely fly, and minecart routes can be annoying to place. Luckily, Pylons are available for players to purchase and teleport to. The Universal Pylon, in particular, is incredibly handy as it can be placed anywhere, in any biome!

Before it can be purchased, players must fully complete the Bestiary. They can then buy the Universal Pylon from the Zoologist for one platinum. However, only one Universal Pylon can be placed in a world. Unlike other Pylons, it does not require an NPC nearby to function.


There are crafting stations in abundance in Terraria. The Autohammer is a late-game crafting station and a must-have for any players that prefer the Ranged combat builds. The Autohammer is used to craft Shroomite Bars, which are used in many crafting recipes to make the best Ranged armor in the game.

This hardmode crafting space can be bought from the Truffle NPC for one platinum. Truffle will only move into a Surface Glowing Mushroom biome above 0 elevation, which players can easily make themselves by using Glowing Mushroom seeds and Mud.


For any completionist players out there, the Clentanimator is a necessary tool required to earn the “And Good Riddance” achievement, rewarded for completely purifying all the Hallow, Crimson, and Corrupted from the players’ world to the Dryad’s satisfaction.

The Clentaminator can revert Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow biomes to their original states with the Green Solution equipped. Both the Clentaminator and its ammunition, the colored Solutions, can be bought from the Steampunker NPC. The Clentaminator itself is two platinum, while the separate solutions are 25 silver a pop. ​​​​​​​

Steampunker Wings

The Steampunker Wings are the most expensive in the game. They can be purchased from the Steampunker NPC for three platinum, only when Golem has been defeated in the Jungle/Lizahrd Temple. These wings provide a solid 107 tiles of height and decent flight speeds.

Although these wings aren’t necessarily the best in the game, they are easy to get. They only need to be purchased, and players won’t need to mess around with gathering crafting materials. The Steampunker Wings only rank behind the rare wings dropped by various bosses like Duke Fishron and other end-game Wings.

Parrot Cracker

The Parrot Cracker is the second-most expensive pet-summoning item in the game. Hilariously, it is only available from the Pirate NPC. When interacted with, a colorful flying parrot is summoned. If the player is stationary, the parrot will perch on a nearby block until the player moves again.

The Pirate is a known swindler, charging a whopping three platinum and 75 gold for the Parrot Cracker. He will only sell this expensive item while he resides in an Ocean biome, so players may need to temporarily relocate him to purchase this adorable parrot.

Companion Cube

The most expensive item in all of Terraria is the Companion Cube, a subtle reference to the popular Valve sci-fi puzzle video game, Portal. The Companion Cube will rarely be part of the Traveling Merchant’s shop, and he will sell it for an extortionate amount of five platinum.

The Companion Cube is an entertaining pet to have, as it frantically hops behind the player when they are moving. However, the Companion Cube has a dark side, quite literally. When shrouded in complete darkness with no light sources, the Companion Cube will occasionally stab the player, dealing 3 damage.

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