Terraria – Pre Hardmode Tips & Tricks (Journey’s End / Update 1.4)

This guide is to help you navigate through pre-hardmode if you’re stuck or in need of info.

Weapons & Tools (What To Get First)

When you start your world, you are given a copper shortsword, which is a really bad weapon. The first thing you need to do is find a snow biome, explore some of the caves, and find the Ice Sword, which shoots an ice beam and does 17 DMG. If there are no ice caves, then dig down until you see a pocket, where pots can be and where a lot of enemies are. (A lot of enemies means there is a big cave, unless you get unlucky.) If you’d rather not go to the snow biome, then there is the sky islands, way up in the skies. Islands sometimes have a house with a chest inside, and it can give very good things, like a horseshoe, which prevents fall damage, or the Starfury, which does 22 DMG. Upon striking, it will release a star to fall from the sky, which also does damage. Still not satisfied? Travel far to either the left or the right, and you might see a crack in the ground buried under more dirt.

After finding the crack, dig down it until you reach an area that looks like a shrine and has a sword stuck in a rock. Break it, and you can either get 2 things. An enchanted sword, which does 23 DMG, or the Arkhalis, which does 20 DMG. The Arkhalis has a smaller chance of being dropped, as it is only a 3.33% chance, but it is worth it. Even though the range of it is very small, it is very fast and does very good damage.


There are no pickaxes that you can obtain for free, but a good one to get early on is the Reaver Shark, which is obtained by fishing. It is able to mine Meteorite and below, and has the same speed as a Molten Pickaxe. All you need to get it is a reinforced fishing pole, and some bait. Try using sonar potions as well to increase the chance of getting it. It can also be used as a weapon, having 16 DMG.

A good starting axe is a Sawtooth Sharl, which is also found while fishing. It is very useful and has 13 DMG. It has 70% axe power, which is very good pre-hardmode, and the same fishing set up is all that is needed to get this.


Do you keep dying immediately at night, or are the enemies just really annoying? Follow these steps!

  • Make a house out of any material. (Wood, stone, slime, etc.)
  • Make doors.
  • Add walls. (This prevents enemies from spawning in your house.)
  • Put all your NPC’s in homes or try to make them not where the main doors are. (They can open them to attempt to fight them, which will lead the enemies to come inside.)
  • Have a bow or any ranged weapon on you.
  • Keep all of your money in a chest, just in case if they come inside and kill you.
  • Add torches.
  • Go mining. (Dig down in your floor and make a hellavator to mine ores like iron, silver, platinum, etc.)

You can also increase the size of your base to make it where you have more protection. You can also make more rooms to increase protection, as they cannot go through doors unless it is a blood moon.


Do you suck at fighting bosses or enemies in general and need some help? Take a look at this!

  • Build a platform to run around on or to grapple on.
  • Bring potions. (Ironskin, Speed, Thorns, etc.)
  • Have food items. (Can increase your stats)
  • Have a nurse with you. (The nurse is an NPC that can appear, and will heal you in return for little money.)
  • Have armor that is post whatever boss. (Have advanced armor.)
  • Have a grappling hook.

Another alternative is to bring a friend with you to help you fight.


Can’t mine a certain block or just unsure what to do? I’ve got the answer!

  • Get bombs or dynamite. (Both break tiles.)
  • Mine more and more ores to get better stuff. (This is the long way.)
  • Get a Reaver Shark. (Explained in my other chapter.)
  • Hope a meteor strikes the place you needed to go. (Extremely rare.)

Getting Items

Can’t find an item you wanna find, like a Magic Mirror or Heart Crystals? I’ve got an idea!

  • Be patient.
  • Hope world gen is on your side.
  • Check out the underground jungle. (Always has chests and loot in them.)
  • Make more worlds to find your item.
  • Check your world from left to right, including the beaches.

Finding Areas

Can’t find the dungeon or the temple? See this!

  • The Dungeon appears either from the left or the right. (Most commonly on the left.)
  • The Dungeon has the possibility of being in the sky or underground because of world gen. (This is very common, don’t worry.)
  • The jungle temple is found occasionally deep into the jungle.
  • The temple has dark orange bricks, so look carefully.
  • Bring spelunker potions, as the temple has chests and pots in it. (You’d be able to tell if it is a temple or not.)

Tips & Tricks

  • Tip 1. Don’t fight a boss within the first day of your world. Take your time instead.
  • Tip 2. NPC’s only come to your world if you have specific items. (The Gun Dealer will only come to your world if you have something gun related, like a boomstick or bullets.)
  • Tip 3. Hellstone produces lava when mined, so be careful!
  • Tip 4. Make a helevator for quick mining and a quick way to get to hell.)
  • Tip 5. Using a helevator is also good for hardmode, as when there are more ores, the helevator will capture basically all the ores, so you can mine them easily.)

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