Terraria – Zenith Guide

A guide on how to obtain the most powerful blade in Terraria the Zenith! Plus extra facts at the end!

The Zenith

The Zenith is very powerful and requires components from throughout the game. Spoilers on what it does: It swings in a large oval and fires all of its component blades at high speeds! Continue to see components!

Pre-Hardmode Components

These Components can be obtained before defeating the wall of flesh.

  • Copper shortsword: you get this at the start of any non-journey mode character. Otherwise it can be crafted from copper bars.
  • Enchanted sword: can be found at shrines hidden within your world. If you don´t find any or they are all fake make a new world.
  • Starfury: found in skyware chests on sky islands. You can shoot the waterbolt upwards and if it bounces back there will be a floating island there!
  • Bee keeper: a drop from the boss queen bee, you can find her hives underground in the jungle and break the larva or craft an abeemination to summon her.

You will also need the Nights edge. To make this sword you need to make a lights bane(from demonite bars) or a blood butcherer (from crimtane bars) then you need to make a blade of grass (from jungle spores and stingers , which can be found in the jungle) and then finally the muramasa (which is found in locked gold chests within the dungeon),then go to a demon altar and craft the Nights edge!

The Final Components and the Creation of The Blade

Here are components obtained during or at the end of hard-mode (post-wall of flesh).

Terra Blade: Kill one mechanical boss, then craft the Excalibur from hallowed bars. After killing all 3 mech bosses, kill mothrons during a solar eclipse until you have to broken hero swords. Then craft the Excalibur into the True Excalibur and turn the nights edge into the True Nights edge then combine both true weapons into the Terra blade!

  • The Seedler: kill plantera until you get the the Seedler
  • The Horseman´s Blade: Kill a pumpking during a Pumpkin moon to get the Horseman´s Blade.
  • Influx waver: kill a martian saucer during martian madness to obtain it.

Finally you have to kill moon lord.

He can drop the Meowmere and the Starfury.

Finally, using a hardmode anvil (Mythril anvil or Orichalcum anvil) you will be able to create the ZENITH master of all melee weapons!

Random Facts

  • The destroyer is the highest health single entity in the game.
  • The most current spawnrates available are in journey mode with 10 times spawns with a blood moon event, a water candle and a battle potion. This is great for trying to get the money trough or the biome keys!
  • Ducks were once used as a weapon to kill gods.
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