TerraScape – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here is some basic information that you might find useful when you start off in Terrascape. Building combos and how to earn points is especially important on the harder levels.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

About Decks

Each deck represents a different set of tiles you can play. More advanced decks need to be unlocked by acquiring enough points to upgrade your settlement.

You need to repeatedly acquire points in each deck in order to unlock the more advanced cards within it. E.g. the “Forestry” deck starts with just Lumberjacks, but eventually opens up Orchards, Hunting Lodges and Sawmills.

While there is some interaction between specific cards within decks, generally they tend to boost like with like. (e.g. Sawmills are worth most points when paired with lots of Lumberjacks, but can also benefit Boat Builders).

The decks are:

  • Forestry
  • Village
  • Farming
  • Fish
  • City
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure


While you can score lots of points for laying out buildings in complementary ways, there’s another way of earning points which I think isn’t currently well communicated in the game.


This is made by positioning 4 village houses together in a diamond pattern (in any direction). The houses will form together, giving you a points boost, and a more valuable building for future placement against. Remember to lay it out carefully so that each house you place also gives you maximum points during construction.

City Block

This is exactly the same as the longhouse, except use City houses to achieve the same effect.


Farmsteads follow the same diamond pattern as described above. However, this time you need 3 wheat tiles, and one village house. The house needs to go in one of the centre points of the diamond, so that it touches all three wheat.

Fish Farm

This is one of the more advanced placements, and essential for difficult levels with lots of fish. The game is pretty mean about letting you discover this for yourself!

First, find a beach tile which is adjacent to at least 3 water tiles in a row. Place a fishing boat on the central tile, with a fishing net to the left and the right. Finally, place a fishery on the land tile. (again this should form a diamond shape, as for the combos above – with the fishery and fishing boat in the centre points between the two nets).


Similar to the longhouse, except use 4 hops in a diamond shape.


Weirdly, you can blow up existing tiles and then build something new on them instead…but you don’t lose the points for what you had previously built there!

Be sure to use this when you have particularly great spots – e.g. a boat builder surrounded by fish farms, stone masons with lots of quarries nearby, etc.

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