The Ancient Labyrinth – Survival Tips and Tricks

A guide to survive the creature and escape from the maze.

Take advantage of the darkness

The creature has a very developed view but in the dark there are far less chances to be seen. When the monster approaches, turn off the torch to decrease your visibility and seek shelter. Evita di stare troppo tempo in una zona illuminata e quando possibile cammina nell’oscurità orientandoti guardando i muri della mappa oppure imparando i percorsi del labirinto. Appena vedi gli occhi scintillanti del mostro nell’oscurità, scappa subito nella direzione opposta sempre tenendo spenta la torcia se il mostro è troppo vicino. Avoid spending too much time in an illuminated area and, when possible, walk in the dark looking at the walls of the map or learning the labyrinth paths. As soon as you see the shining eyes of the monster approaching in the darkness, run immediately in the opposite direction, always keeping the torch off.

Run away from the creature once it has sighted you

Once the creature has spotted you, don’t try to sow it at speed, rather try to exploit the various crosses that are in the maze. If the creature reaches one of these intersections after it has lost sight of you for a few seconds, it will not know in which direction you have gone and therefore will stop looking for you. To increase the chances of escaping, it is always better to keep the torch off and learn the paths of the maze, as the creature could see the light of the torch and continue to chase you. If you can find a magic door marked by some statues of cats, cross it immediately as these doors are one of the few areas on the map where the monster cannot pass.

Play stealth

Don’t run wild in the maze without worrying about anything. Always use your senses, especially your hearing. The creature’s steps will make a lot of noise, try to understand in advance where they are coming from so that you can get away as soon as possible. You can also lean out of the walls to take a look around, if you see the creature’s glittering eyes approaching, immediately turn off the torch and run away or stay hidden. Finally, there are some magical doors that the creature can’t cross, usually bounded by some cat statues. Try to exploit them if the creature is nearby.

Know your predator

The creature has a very developed sight and sense of smell. If you are in the light, he can see you from far away, while in the dark he is able to see the light of your torch from considerable distances. The best thing to do is to move forward with the flashlight on only when you do not feel the steps of the creature nearby. The creature will also look for you following your smell so it will know where you are going (even if it depends on the difficulty selected). The advice in this case is to not stay too much in one area of ​​the map but to move continuously. The only weakness of the creature is its hearing, in fact it cannot hear weak noises such as your footsteps, so do not hesitate to run when necessary.

General tips

  • Always keep some energy in case you run away from the monster.
  • Explore the map areas well, there are always various clues to the location of key objects.
  • If you die, try searching for objects you didn’t find before. Once you know the location of all the key objects, it will be easier to create a strategy to survive and escape the maze.
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