The Barotrauma – Medical Handbook

Want to cause chaos on the ship, or just to be a good doctor? Well this guide will teach how!


This section will go over some of the materials required to make the various drugs.

Elastin plant: Used to create elastin, which can be used to create plastiseal bandages.

Aquatic poppy: Can be processed into opium, which can be used to (get high) create various medicines.

Slime bacteria: When processed, creates antibiotics.

Fiber plant: Creates organic fiber, which can be crafted into bandages.

Basic Medicine

Bandages: used for sealing wounds, healing burns, and stopping bleeding.

Plastiseal Bandages: quickly seals most wounds.

Antibiotic: highly effective against bleeding and works well on burns, but be careful when using this, it can cause blood clots that will travel through a persons blood stream.

Tonic Liquid: great for crafting complex medicine and healing mild internal injuries.

Created by Dream Crusher

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