The Binding of Isaac: Repentance – Pro Tip for Unlocking The Golden Razor (After You Get 99 Coins)

I’ve discovered easy way to get Golden Razer in one of my runs in normal game without having to spend time wasting the 99 coins on anything in the shop.

How to Lose 99 Penies for A Gold Edgy Blade

In Mines 2 there’s that one area you unlock by pressing all the buttons on the floor right, and after that you can unblock certain entrace with a minecart right? The ability’s gone as well as pickups you got when you go inside, RIGHT? So easy to guess, when you go inside that room with 99 coins the game thinks you spend all the coins and you get Golden Razor unlocked easily, no need to spend time in shops.

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  1. You also need the knife handle to get into this area, so make sure you get 99 coins before you get to Mine/Ashpit 2

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