The Black Masses – Best Way to Level Up to Level 60 in 1 Hour (Solo)

In this guide I show you 1 spot where you definitely should go if you want your char to be maxed out in the shortest amount of time.

Chapter 1 Best Exp Spot lv +-60 Zombies

This Spot on the map has the most high leveled zombies ive found on this map.

First off go to this Spot its on the right side of map near Faymoor.

There will be a barricade hop on it, thats the spot where you taking the zombies out.

After you found that barricade you’ll just have to get into Hordemode and hop up there.

But be aware they CAN deal high damage.

Did you kill all of them and want more?

Simply reload the map.

Also this might be helpful to find some respawnplaces.

Created by -Black Lion-

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