The Dead City – Gameplay Tips

First of all, this is my first time making a guide for a game. I will try to my best.

Starting Tips + Pro Tips

Remap Keys

There is no such thing in this game! You can use primary keyboard to play without the need of the mouse.

  1. Arrow keys is your movement control
  2. Button D is melee
  3. Button W is player health (the game will pause while viewing the HP bar, press “esc” to close
  4. Button S is firing arrow / projectile

Starting Tips

  1. Just like any zombie survival game, you do not charge into any situation if you are not ready.
  2. Your starting location pretty much offer you most resource.
  3. Beware that any zombie will respawn upon you enter any building, once you come out you may get swarm.
  4. Use crossbow, the game heavily imply you to crossbow, may as well just use that. Making arrow is actually not that hard.
  5. You must eat, drink, and sleep. Do not let any of these categories drop below 20 otherwise you will start losing health.

Pro Tips

  1. Zombie hit hard! Watch your HP bar! A few hits and you are dead.
  2. Treeline will block your path, so the game may require another patch update to fix this.
  3. There are day / night cycle, try and plan everything at daytime. At night time try not to leave your starting location. Because when night arrive, it will be very dark. May hinder your movement.
  4. There is a merchant hiding in sewer. you find a manhole, that merchant should be there. Unless there is another manhole.
  5. Looter is cheater. they are like you, can run and shoot through wall.
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