The Designer’s Curse – Monsters Guide (How to Survive)

Hi, this is my guide on how to deal with the monsters, currently this guide only includes Ch.1 as the game only includes Ch.1, this guide includes: What to do to not die, what to do if you have died, and what to do when you’re about to die.

The Introduction

This guide contains spoilers for Lore and Gameplay, do not read unless you’re sure you’re okay with spoilers!

So, you’ve likely started playing the game, and if you’re like me, you looked up a guide because you’re crouching in a corner out of tension and fear! Or, maybe you’re just interested in what this guide will hold, either way, strap in and I’ll tell you the cool and the not-so-cool of the monsters.

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Sections 2 & 3: The Monster Encounters.
  • Section 4 & 5: The Monsters Themselves. (Including Lore)
  • Section 6: Ending Notes.

Here Comes Spikey!

This is your best friend, Spikey! He comes in during the first part of the game, AKA, when you’ve reached the long hallway with multiple doors (including locked ones), tables, boxes, and a First Aid Kit. 

After you’ve entered the room, and walked around the room a bit, you may have heard a sound that could’ve came from the forced-shut door by where you came in! Walking near the door, may cause SCARE, because it causes an event for Spikey (our friend) to start hacking down that door. Your first instinct is to run, don’t run, don’t even attempt to, either walk or crouch. Running WILL cause the monster to investigate near where you’ve ran, so if you’re like most people, and you ran into the room next to that door being broken down, then you’ve failed and are about to die.

The thing you should do is walk or crouch over into that hallway (still don’t run!) Spikey’ll walk by that area, and then you go into the door that he bashed down with his noodle arms, flip that lever!  Spikey should be walking in the main hallway mostly, maybe only occasionally going near the bashed-down door. Wait for him to not be facing you, then walk onto the other side of the table from where he is (do not walk on his side), make sure to be crouching and not running or walking as, yes, he will see you. Get into the Control Room that is now partially open (crouch underneath it, it’s the vertical sliding door that is not completely open), now quickly pull the lever as the door completely opens as soon as you’ve entered the Control Room, the lever closes the door. Behind the “lever cabinet” you’ll find a key to that “lever cabinet”. Open it with the key (duhhhh), pull the lever in that “lever cabinet”and Spikey’ll disappear! You’ve now opened the entrance to the West Hall.

What’s Shaking, Fraken

This is The Fraken (or just Fraken). First mentioned in the Cellar, a little scare appearance (non-hostile) in the “Study Hall and Rooms” area, but you’re finally here to see their glory in the Designer’s Room! This is what people consider to be one of the scariest parts of the game!

Fraken patrols around the entirety of the area with all the pillars, use these pillars to avoid being detected, make sure to be crouching! Fraken does not seem to have as good vision (or sense) as Spikey, as you could be walking behind Fraken without being noticed. The goal is collecting a key in a chest, located in the corners of the room, and then using it to open a “lever cabinet” in a different corner across from that chest, pull the lever and you can make it into a hidden passage in the wall with a first aid kit!

General: Spikey

What is: Spikey

The name Spikey is both in a letter somewhere in the “Study Hall and Rooms” area and in the soundtrack for the game.

So, we can only speculate about what this creature is until an update or chapter 2 releases. My theory is that it’s a torture victim (the nails, and it’s stretched body) that wants to seek revenge on who made it that way, it doesn’t actually have eyes so I would assume it uses some other sense or a different way of vision (such as echolocation), but it’s going after you as it doesn’t know how to kill. (maybe it is trying to kill you specifically).

Spikey’s Gameplay Basics

Spikey likes going into areas where large amounts of noise have been made, even rooms or hallways where it shouldn’t be going, so, in that case, just don’t run, hide in any of the possible areas, and get out. You’ll know Spikey is in the area when the “Spikey Danger” track (linked above) starts playing.
If Spikey is chasing you, you’re likely going to be unable to run away from him, considering he is quite quick and the area you meet him in isn’t very large, but you might be able to hide in the Control Room if you’re quick enough. (Looking at you, speedrunners!)

If Spikey ever sees you, you’re automatically going to be chased, Spikey can also jump over/go through the tables in the middle of the room. If Spikey is chasing you, it will play this track, “Spikey Chase/Attack!” 

I Just Died By Spikey, Where Am I Now?

You’re in the hallway next to the door he breaks down, he hasn’t come out yet since you’ve died, but as soon as you step close to the door while in the hallway, the event will trigger for him to spawn and bash down that door with his noodle arms. Best idea? Hide in that hallway, preferably somewhere where he wouldn’t really be able to see you, like behind the right side of the door frame to the hallway (as long as you didn’t make enough noise while running or walking for him to want to go in there and spot you immediately), be quick when hiding there though as he WILL come back from the other direction and likely see you hiding on the right side of the door frame, so hide on the left instead when he comes back, get the lever, blah blah blah and escape.

How To Get Rid Of Spikey

As soon as you pull the lever in the “lever cabinet” in the Control Room, Spikey vanishes and is no longer present or a threat anymore, still you should hurry up and leave just in case this isn’t the case.

General: The Fraken

What is: The Fraken

Fraken, according to the notes, is a Frankenstein-kind of creature, made out of parts from two people, a woman who had an eye removed during torture, and her husband’s legs. In the Designer’s Room, the entrance of the chamber housing Fraken has an electronic sign next to the door stating “Odor Oil Below, Apply To Body And Clothes And You Will Not Be Noticed”, however, the master (Albert) has already taken all of the odor oil, meaning you will need to sneak around the Fraken in order to escape it. In the description of the track “Fraken Chase!” (below), the developer Christian Blandford points out “That metal scraping sound is suppost to create an image of how the Fraken was created. Saw, Saw, Saw.”

The Fraken’s Gameplay Basics

If the Fraken is in the room with you, you’ll hear this lovely track called “Fraken Danger”

If the Fraken is chasing you, you’ll hear this even more lovely track called “Fraken Chase!”

This creature can’t see you very well unless you’re running like an imbecile, close to it, or directly in front of it, the depth perception of this monster is horrible and cannot detect you if you’re behind it.

There is a large amount of pillars in this area, and as long as you stick to the walls and hide behind the pillars, you should be able to get out. Fraken does not detect the lantern, thankfully, so you’re welcome to keep it out as the area is very foggy and dark.

I Just Died By The Fraken, Where Am I Now?

You’re right by the testing room door, so you’re not in a bad spot, just try sneaking through again and maybe you’ll get it, it’s not that hard!

How To Get Rid Of The Fraken

The Fraken doesn’t really disappear once you’ve completed any of the objectives, but it will be unable to find you once you’ve entered the room unlocked by the “lever cabinet”, so keep that in mind!

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