The Division 2 – How to Unlock the Secret Vendor Cassie Mendoza

Who Cassie Mendoza?

Cassie Mendoza is a Scret Vendor who sells Rare Gear or Powerful High-End items.

How Find Cassie Mendoza?

Finding The Snitch

How to find The Snitch?

  • Go This Location (You can find The Snitch in every location but this best location for me).
  • You will see an NPC “???”
  • Accpet Bounty. He’ll drop a Bounty. Pick it up.

Completing the Bounty

Bang bang bang kill all enemy.

Waiting Mendoza Coming

After you complete bounty from snitch u will show icon cart in the map.

U must wait 10 Hour Real time to see mendoza coming and buy a item.

This after u wait 10 hour.

Finding Cassie Mendoza


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