The Donnerwald Experiment – Boss Battles

Tips on how to defeat certain boss enemies in case you are stuck.


Basic Tips

  • Woyzecks knife throw attack is hard to dodge, though it’s not really required to use any defensive action commands, as you can defeat him before he KO’s both of your characters. So simply focus on your offense.
  • Woyzeck will ALWAYS use his Hunger Drain ability in the first round, that means you’re free to set up Jasmine’s debuffs on the initial round.
  • Montgomery gains Alp Points upon receiving damage, which can be used to summon his Reqiuem Ability, which deals 9 damage.

The Battle Plan

The most important one is to decide which one to use, as there are two ways to defeat Woyzeck effectively.

Stacking armor break with Jasmine

  1. Round: Use the double strike first to inflict the bleeding debuff, then use the Swift Strike to decrease his armor.
    Alternatively you can use Swift Strike to time in a row, if you feel you can hit the Action Command without the easier timing due to the bleeding debuff.
  2. Round: Use the Nightmare Chili on Jasmine, then Swift Strike again. Woyzeck should now have -2 armor.
  3. Round: Swift Strike for the maximum armor break of -3. Then proceed to use the Breath Fire skill, which deals up to 16 damage.
  4. Round: Finish Woyzeck of with another Breath Fire skill.

Damage of Time tactics

  1. Round: Use double strike two times. If done correctly, Woyzeck loses 6 + 2HP (stacked buff).
  2. Round: Use the nightmare chili on both Jasmine and Woyzeck.
  3. Round: If Montgomery has enough ALP (got attacked by fire or knife), use his Requiem attack. Then proceed with another Double Strike for maximum bleeding.
  4. Round: Woyzeck should be burning now. Use Jasmine’s Breath Fire attack two times, it should deal 8 damage each.

Practice your action commands for Breath Fire, Double Strike and Swift Strike.

The fight gets easier when they done correctly.

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