The Dream Machine – Walkthrough (Chapter #1)

Chapter 1 – We Are Like The Dreamer

We take control of a man named Victor Neff who’s stranded on a small deserted island. Start by grabbing the three pieces of wood by the shore, the shovel on the right, and the fishing rod next to the left palm tree. Use the shovel to dig a hole in the sand and then examine the hole. If you don’t see a worm, dig in another spot. When you do get a worm, take it. Use the fishing rod on the forked branch sticking out of the sand to the left followed by using the worm with the fishing rod.

Wait for a moment. When the rod dips, examine it to get a fresh fish.
Food is no good when it is alive so use the fresh fish on one of the rocks to kill it. Move the middle rock aside to reveal a lighter, take it. Put the wood in the fireplace, light a fire, and then cook the fish. Wait for a moment. The fish will cook. When the text says “grilled”, take the fish and eat it. While eating the fish, you find a piece of paper that was inside it. Gross. Examine it. It’s a treasure map! The X indicates the treasure must be in the middle southern shore. Use the shovel to dig it up. Examine the treasure. It’s an alarm clock? What? The alarm sounds and the dream is over.

Wake up, get out of bed, and turn off the alarm clock. Welcome to the bedroom of your new apartment. Lots of boxes have yet to be unpacked, but it’s only the second day you’ve been here with your lovely wife, Alicia, who’s a few months pregnant. Notice the painting above the bed. How odd. Head to the next room, the nursery.

Examine the open box in the lower right corner. There’s a telephone in there. Move some stuff around until you’re able to get it. Head towards the kitchen.

There’s Alicia now. Pick up the empty box to the left. Talk to Alicia. She’s made breakfast and she wants us to set up a temporary table to eat on. Before you do, head down the right southern door to enter the hallway.

There’s some mail in front of the door. Pick it up then open it. It’s a letter from the realtors. At the end of the middle paragraph is their phone number. Examine the envelope the letter came from for the address. Head to the bathroom right of the kitchen.

There’s a bottle of baby oil in the shower area. Take it. Head to the living room left of the kitchen.

Put the box in the ray of light coming from the windows. Check the ash tray on the leftmost window. There’s some burnt, torn, and crumpled pieces of paper. Take them. Examine the pieces. They’re all part of a note. Turn and slide them around until they’re put together as best you can. Some information may still be missing but whatever. Apparently, the previous tenant left in a hurry but not before he found some conspiracy within the apartment. A clue can be found under one of the floorboards in the bedroom. Got to the kitchen.

Talk to your wife about the note and she shrugs it off as a hoax. Head to the bedroom.

Check the first floorboard north of your starting position. It’s nailed down so you’ll need something to pry it out. Nothing we can do about it now. Go back to the kitchen.

Talk to your wife about the box being set up. Head back to the living room.

Sit down next the box. Your wife comes in and breakfast is served. Talk to your wife about the dream you had. Talk her about the dream she had. She mentions being on luxury cruise and that the caretaker of the apartment building was in her dream and something very creepy and graphic happened. She won’t talk about it further. Talk to her about the caretaker still having the key to the apartment. We’d better give him a call. If only we could remember his name. Your wife provided some. Back to the living room.

While your wife is doing the dishes, she can tell you about her dream now. Warning: Very disturbing!

Move the box north of the front door aside to reveal an outlet. Plug in the telephone and give the realtor service a call. Ask about the caretaker. To save you trial and error, his name is “Morton”. We now have the phone number of our landlord Felix Morton. Give Mr. Morton a call. Ask him about the spare key. Wait a moment. He’ll ring the doorbell. Let him in. He gives you the spare key. We can now head out.

The stairs are out of order, but we can still ride…the elevator. Press the button to call the elevator back up. It arrives but the doors get stuck. The noise gets the attention of your next door neighbor, a sweet old lady named Edie Jones. Tell her about the elevator and she recommends some greasy product just in case the doors get stuck. Get to know her a bit. She’s a widow. Her husband was a cheat. She’s not very fond of the landlord who has just tried to evict her occasionally. She’s lived in the apartment most of her life. She’s also having a game of Bridge with some friends over. Use the baby oil on the elevator doors. Get in. The third floor has nothing going on right now. The basement floor requires a key. Take the elevator down to the first floor.

Mr. Morton’s office is to the right. You can talk to him through the window. Learn a little history about his family and the apartment building. His great grandfather used to study sleeping disorders at one point. Learn about the other tenants in the building such as Mr. Willard, a disabled fellow, and Miss Theed, a night nurse. Go to the lobby next to the elevator.

Two movers are trying to get your sofa through the door, but it’s stuck. Talk to the mover. He gives you a crowbar. Head back to the bedroom.

Use the crowbar on the floorboard from earlier. The board is out but the crowbar breaks. Gordon Freeman would weep. Examine what’s under the floorboard. It’s some kind of circuit board. Puzzle time! You must turn the switches until the circuit overloads. From left to right the switches will be listed on each row the direction they must face.

Top row: Down, Up, Up.
Second from top row: Down, Right, Up, Leave Alone, Left.
Middle row: Right, Up.
Second from bottom row: Down, Leave Alone X3, Down.
Bottom row: Down, Left, Right.

The fuse blows. We’ll need a replacement. Take the fuse out and use the apartment key in its place. The island painting above the bed moves up to reveal a security camera. What the hell is going on here?! This must be what that note was talking about. Your wife comes in to see what you’ve uncovered and she doesn’t like it. Invasion of privacy alert! Time to pay Mr. Morton a visit. We demand answers! While your wife calls the police, head down to the first floor.

Mr. Morton’s office is locked and the window is slightly open. You can see a key just out of reach. Head to the lobby.

They still haven’t gotten the sofa through the doors but there’s a coat hanger there now. Take it and head back to where Mr. Morton’s office is.

Examine the window. Use the coat hanger to get the key. Use the key to unlock Mr. Morton’s office. Go in to end the chapter.

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