The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Useful Early Game Stuff

Just some things I found as early as level 4 that made my experience more fun. I’m also making this guide just for fun.

Character Creation

This is just how I play, I made a breton and battlemage as well as under the mage sign. Bretons are good for battlemage in my experience and come with a magica resistance buff, which is vital for a later tip. Since I’m also a battlemage, I have experience in axes which is used for another tip later on. If you wanna make your own class or pick something else go right ahead, but this is what I picked out.

The Limeware Platter

This is something most people know, in the first building after making your class and getting the release paper, look at the shelf and pick up an item called the limeware platter, right click to go into your inventory, drag the platter out of your inventory to drop it. After that a guard will talk to you, after talking with him he’ll turn around and head back to his normal position, with his back turned grab the platter from the floor and you won’t be caught. You can grab some other things as well but this is an easy way to get some starter gold. After leaving the building go to the nearest store and sell the platter, now can an afford some good starter armor, weapons, and spells.

Bound Weapons

Bound weapons are super broken in this game, especially the bound battle axe which can do up from 1-80 damage. I killed a dremora lord as early as level 3 with it, that’s how good it truly is. The bound battle axe spell can be purchased by this character in Balmora. Don’t let this broken spell stop you from experimenting with other spells though.

Sarano Ebony Helmet

Want an easy piece of cool looking armor? Go to the Sarano Ancestral Tomb with some good offensive spells or a silver or better weapon, there you will find an enemy called a Hunger, It’s a bit weaker than most others. It doesn’t use magic and it’s hit points are smaller, so as long as you’re prepared he should be easy. After killing him, you can loot an ebony helmet off his body.

Boots of Blinding Speed

If you’re too tired of the slow walking speed, and you don’t mind being partially blinded, then these are for you. Go to this location and find Pemenie, they have a pair of special boots they can give if you guide them to their destination (or you could kill them and take them too).

After either one of the two is done and you receive the boots of blinding speed, if you chose the breton race, or have something that can give you magica resistance, you’ll move way faster, with the only downside of being slightly blinded. If you didn’t pick breton or don’t have magica resistance though, the boots will completely blind you when you wear them.

Scrolls of Icarian Flight

These can be found at the very beginning, just follow the path left from the starting town and you’ll see a man falling to his death. Loot his body for the scrolls, now you’ll not only have super speed with the boots, but also super jumping. Make sure you land safely.

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