The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Fix for Miraak not Talking to You at The End of The Quest The Temple Of Miraak

Exactly what the title says.

It’s Actually Really Simple

I’ve seen one or two other people experience this bug never found an solution online. You pick up Waking Dreams, you’re teleported to Miraak and… nothing. Nothing happens. He remains with his back to you forever and his dragon never shows up. I just flies around in the sky like the equally broken dragons from Dragon’s Dogma (why is this a pattern?). I started an entire new character and worked my way back to Solstheim only to encounter the bug again. Here is the solution:

  • Bring up the console
  • Type “enableplayercontrols”
  • (Optional) Activate Miraak just in case that triggers something important behind the scenes.
  • Read Waking Dreams.

You’ll find yourself back in the temple and the quest will move forward as it should. And in this version of Skyrim, at least, it won’t even disable achievements (the achievement The Temple of Miraak popped for me right after talking to Frea).

Note that Frea, in my experience, won’t talk to you after you leave the temple. You won’t even get a “this person is busy” message. Just wait an hour to let her make her way home and she’ll talk again. She may have to go to bed first, however. I woke her up in her bed and she worked fine from then, on.

Finally, Storn may not speak to you while maintaining the barrier. This is simple to fix, too. Just grab the first word of the Bend Will shout from the dragon wall almost directly Northwest of the village (it’s a bit of a walk). Once you have it, head to the Wind Stone just West-Northwest of the village and shout it at the stone to cleanse it. When you return to the village, Storn will now speak to you.

There may be other issues to deal with but these are all that I’ve encountered thus far. Definitely keep a save from prior to reading the book just in case.

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