The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Stay Safe In Hardcore Playthroughs

This guide will tell you finicky details that you should consider when trying to stay alive in a permanent death playthrough.

Potions Are for Drinking

We begin with self-made health potions, using blue mountain flower and wheat, both of which can be found around Whiterun and its farms. Arcadias cauldron will be your next visit. Besides making your own, if you have the money, buy the pots that heal for 50. You should have at least three of these, and ten of your own. Be sure to favorite both of them.

If you get hurt, don’t risk your character. Tap [Q] and heal back up to full health. Pots will reliably save you from spriggans and their bee swarms. They will also save you from bandits (and their instant kill moves.) If you want to avoid getting absolutely gibbed, don’t fight two-handed bandits. That is, avoid thugs, outlaws and plunderers. Just don’t fight them and keep them at a distance. They are apt to end your immersive playthrough. Instead of using melee on them, use destruction spells.

Destruction Is Life

That brings us to my preferred first focus for new characters: destruction, specifically the dual casting perk. It should be relatively easy to unlock, just clear a couple dungeons with your flames spell. And make sure you buy ice spike or fireball from the court wizard.

When you get the perk, you can now kamehameha for unfunny bonus damage. Then succinctly switch back to your shield and sword. We put that mana just sitting there to great use! We use spells to deal super high intermittent damage. We don’t have to upgrade mana for this to work.

Potions Are Life

When you’re low level and want to level up, you should be able to safely spar with regular bandits. You’ll get experience in block, armor, and even magic schools. But always be cautious, as they can kill move you and backstab you. Remember to drink up when sparring gets rough. Never risk low health because you think you have the time to cast that healing spell, and want to save a few potions. They’re there to drink; the very goal of this guide is to make you believe this.


Watch out for high drops. You can take a lot of damage from falling, and end your playthrough. Don’t risk most waterfalls and avoid obvious leg breaking falls. There are lots of mountains that may lead to such an unforeseen event.

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