The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Wyrmstooth – Full Walkthrough Guide

Contained in this guide is a full walkthrough of the main quest and all side quests in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Wyrmstooth.


The East Empire Company commissions the Dragonborn to slay a dragon that is interrupting trade routes throughout Skyrim. But is the dragon stirring up trouble with a particular reason and what sinister motive does it have for its actions?

Wyrmstooth adds a new quest that takes the Dragonborn to the island of Wyrmstooth situated north of Solitude across the Sea of Ghosts. Battle across new landscapes and through new dungeons in this expansion-sized mod. The task may seem simple enough: slay a dragon that’s stirring up trouble. But things never quite go that easily…

The first quest of the mod and the quest you will need to complete before you can travel to the island of Wyrmstooth.

By default, Wyrmstooth starts once the player reaches level 10 and has finished Way of the Voice in the main questline, but you can change starting requirements in the Wyrmstooth MCM. An imperial courier named Theodyn Bienne will track you down and deliver a message.

You are to speak to Lurius Liore of the East Empire Company currently staying at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun concerning some trouble with a dragon.

Objective: Speak to Lurius Liore at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

Follow the quest marker to Lurius Liore. He’ll wander throughout the Bannered Mare so he might be upstairs when you arrive.

He’ll tell you about a troublesome dragon that’s straining trade routes throughout Skyrim. With the cooperation of the jarls he’s managed to raise a large bounty to stir enough mercenaries into action should his plan fail.

His plan is a rather simple one; gather a group of mercenaries that are highly skilled but diverse in their respective talents and corner the dragon wherever it’s currently roosting. The only thing missing in this equation is you, the Dragonborn.

The team will consist of the following mercenaries:

  • Athir: A dual-wielding Redguard warrior, former Alik’r before leaving that life behind in favour of mercenary work.
  • Daenlit: A bosmer and highly skilled sharpshooter from the forests of Valenwood.
  • Shargam: An orc berserker from the stronghold of Narzulbur.
  • Elmera: A talented Altmer spellcaster with a penchant for mudcrabs. (Check her inventory…)

You are to meet up with them on the road to Falkreath. Athir has been tracking the dragon and should know of its location by the time you arrive.

Objective: Meet up with the mercenaries on the road fo Falkreath.

Go to Helgen then take the road west towards Falkreath. The mercenaries will be waiting for you alongside the road east of Pinewatch.

Objective: Find and defeat the dragon at Ancient’s Ascent.

Travel with the mercenaries to Ancient’s Ascent; nordic ruins with a word wall in the mountains south-east of Falkreath. When you arrive the dragon will be waiting for you, but things won’t quite go as planned…

Vulthurkrah greets the player but, rather than do battle here and now, invites the player to challenge him in his lair on the island of Wyrmstooth.

With little stopping the dragon, Vulthurkrah departs leaving the Dragonborn and the mercenaries behind.

Objective: Speak to Athir.

Athir will offer his two cents over what just happened, lamenting an obvious flaw in their plan. He also draws a connection between Lurius’ involvement and the dragon’s mentioning of Wyrmstooth.

Objective: Return to Lurius Liore.

Lurius reveals this isn’t the first time he’s sent mercenaries after that dragon. A fortnight ago the dragon first appeared on Wyrmstooth near Stonehollow, killing miners and burning trade caravans. After a failed attempt at putting the dragon down it headed south and began terrorizing trade routes in Skyrim.

The East Empire Company, seeing this as his failure, assigned him to the task of finishing what he started. It seems that things have come full circle and now he must return to Wyrmstooth, with a new group of mercenaries to once again try and put the dragon to the sword.

Barrow of the Wyrm (Part 1)

Travel with Lurius Liore to the docks at Solitude or fast travel there.

Objective: Speak to Lurius at the Docks in Solitude.

Note: If you fast travel to Solitude you may arrive before Lurius. Either wait a few hours at the docks until he’s caught up or rent a room at the Winking Skeever and get some rest.

Wyrmstooth is an island situated north of Solitude in the Sea of Ghosts. It’s going to be cold, wet and miserable, so dress appropriately!

Once you find Lurius standing on the deck of the Red Wave, speak to him and let him know you’re ready to depart for Wyrmstooth. The screen will fade to black and you’ll be on your way.

Warning: Make sure to stock up on everything you need before you depart to Wyrmstooth. The dungeon you’ll be faced with will be a long one and traders may be hard to find at first.

Listen to Lurius give the mercenaries a pep talk then follow him to Stonehollow.

Objective: Follow Lurius Liore.

Follow the road leading from the docks to Fort Moonwatch. When you first arrive on the island, this fort will be occupied by marauders. Fight your way through them then continue on the road east.

Note: Marauders are like bandits but have a higher chance of wearing heavy armour so they may take longer to bring down.

Lurius and the mercenaries will meet up with you at Stonehollow if you decide to hang back and finish clearing the fort. Otherwise, keep following the group.

When you arrive at Stonehollow the place will be ablaze. The inn will be destroyed along with several houses and bodies will be strewn about the streets. Looks like the dragon finally struck the mining settlement while Lurius was away.

Approach Lurius and he’ll vent his frustration over the dragon attack. The imperial walls were meant to keep out bandits, not dragons and the villagers likely didn’t stand much of a chance.

Elmera and Theodyn will stay behind to take care of the survivors, the others will head to Wyrmstooth Barrow on the other side of the island to flush out the dragon.

If you follow along with Lurius he’ll talk about the island along the way. Otherwise, if you want to explore the island on your own first, you can meet up with the group inside the entrance of Wyrmstooth Barrow when you’re ready to continue.

Speak to Ja’Shavi-Dar if you need to do some last minute trading. He’ll be sitting outside the Tradehouse being healed by Elmera. Despite his injuries he’s still happy to trade with you.

Objective: Enter Wyrmstooth Barrow.

To get to Wyrmstooth Barrow, follow the road south from Stonehollow, then east through the central mountains toward the steam pools.

When you get to the steam pools, prepare for trouble. The dragons Nehkrahqeth and Nehfrinqeth will burst out of the water in a surprise attack.

Both of these dragons together can give low level players a run for their money so fighting them alongside the mercenaries is the best option.

Tip: Use the stone pillars as cover and let the mercenaries draw their attention. If you’re a melee warrior, use a shield-bash to stagger the dragons or a dual-casted destruction spell if you’re a mage.

Even if you let the mercenaries travel ahead, you’re not alone in this fight. A friendly giant wanders the steam pools and will lend his assistance. The miners standing outside Gronndal Grove are also useful for…keeping the dragons distracted. The two hunters from Hunter’s Shack are also likely to join in the fight as well, providing ranged support.

But if you’re really not confident about this fight there’s an option open to you: find cover, wait until something or someone is distracting the dragons, then run as fast as you can to the barrow.

Bandits are occupying the entrance of Wyrmstooth Barrow so you’ll need to fight your way in. The way forward past the first room however is blocked by a closed gate. A pedestal stands in front of it and will require a sword to open.

Objective: Search the barrow entrance for a clue.

Lurius will suggest searching around the entrance for clues. Find and read the bandit journal on a barrel left of the entrance to learn about the sword that slots into the gate and its current location.

Tip: If Lurius isn’t here yet, you don’t need to wait for him to tell you what to do. You can do your own investigating and read the bandit journal to continue the quest.

Turns out the marauders are storing their loot in an old shipwreck on the coast. That’s where you’ll find the sword that opens the gate.

Objective: Retrieve Goreduster and enter the barrow.

Travel to the Wreck of the Salty Knave. It’s east of Stonehollow along the coast. You can get there by travelling through the steam pools up the mountains past Gronndal Grove then down towards the coast.

Tip: Don’t get too far ahead of the mercenaries. As soon as you enter the ship you’ll trigger the return of a party of marauders.

Grab the Goreduster sword and get ready to take on a mean bunch of marauders. They’ll have a couple archers and a pretty strong spell caster in their party so they’re likely to give you a bit of trouble.

The sword itself has the unusual power of being able to resurrect any corpse it strikes, so it might be fun to test it out on the marauders.

If you’re the peace-loving type, there’s always the option of fast-travelling back to the barrow before they get too close.

Place Goreduster in the pedestal to open the gate and head forth into the barrow.

Objective: Explore Wyrmstooth barrow.

In the next room you’ll encounter Alberthor, an eccentric mage studying the draugr. He’ll describe an ancient magma chamber deep below the island and that, if anywhere, the dragon will likely be roosting in. Since the barrow digs deep into the mountains it’s possible there’s a way in through one of the deeper chambers.

However there is one slight dilemma, follow Alberthor to find out what that is.

Objective: Follow Alberthor.

Follow Alberthor as he rushes through his study to another closed gate.

Behind the gate stands a draugr. Approach Alberthor to find out what that’s all about.

Alberthor has been researching ways to control the draugr but this one must’ve accidentally bumped a switch along the way, closing the gate by accident. He needs a test subject to try out a new spell he’s been working on. That’s where you come in.

Objective: Let Alberthor cast the spell.

If you’re not ready yet for Alberthor to cast the spell, he’ll be waiting for you in front of the gate until you’ve composed yourself.

Objective: Find the switch to open the gate.

Once you’re in control of the draugr, walk across the walkway, down the stairs and into the spider room. On the other side you can see another set of stairs. Head up those stairs, around the corner then turn left. Follow the passageways from there until you end up in a room with a switch.

Approach the pedestal and the draugr will automatically pull the lever.

Tip: Swing your sword around. You can use your draugr to clear a path through these first few rooms.

Barrow of the Wyrm (Part 2)

Alberthor ends the spell and congratulates you for having survived his experiment. Wonderful! Lurius will tell you he’s heading back to Stonehollow to help coordinate the rescue effort and wishes you the best of luck. You’ll need it.

Objective: Find a way into the dragon’s den through the barrow.

With the mercenaries in tow, press forward through the dungeon
In the room past the lever you’ll find an etched tablet. Read the etched table for a clue on how to open the gate on the far side of the room.

Solution: Pull the lever beneath the whale plaque to open the gate.

If you pull the wrong lever it’ll trigger a fight with the Draugr Ceremony Overlord, a fairly tough opponent who can make your followers run in terror with a shout. Also, watch out for the draugr archers above. Daenlit should be able to take them out herself but you can use Unrelenting Force to push them off their ledge.

Continue on to the room with the altar, a closed gate and a sarcophagus on the far side; don’t worry – the switch is nearby. Go to the room on the left. Here you’ll find a pedestal with a lever, pull it to open a secret passage.

Use the oil to burn the draugr that bursts out then pull the lever in the alcove window to open the closed gate in the previous room.

In the next room you’ll find a spiral staircase heading down, but the gate is closed. On the far side is a lever, pull it to open the first rotating door.

Tip: Don’t pull the pull chain on the wall yet or you’ll end up getting struck by poison darts.

In this room you’ll find 3 rotating pillars. On the far end is another lever that’ll open the second rotating door to the room beside it containing the solution.

Rotate the first pillar twice so that Whale is pointing towards the door.

Rotate the second pillar twice so that Snake is pointing towards the centre of the room.

Rotate the third pillar once so that Eagle is pointing away from the entrance.

Basically you’re mirroring the solution in the other room.

Now pull the pullchain on the wall to open the gate to the spiral staircase.

Head down the spiral staircase and into the semi-collapsed tunnel. You’ll see a room on your left containing some treasure and a patrolling draugr. There’s no way in, just ignore it and continue on.

You should enter into a large open ice cavern with an exposed dragon mound.

Continue on to the refectory by taking the doorway on the left. It’s more straightforward than the temple but you will find yourself getting mixed up in huge battles between parties of draugr and marauders.

Among the draugr and the marauders in the dining hall there are two enemies you need to watch out for: Anduril, a powerful warlock and the Draugr Kitchen Overlord, identified by the chef’s hat he’s wearing.

Both parties will be locked in combat when you arrive. Use this opportunity to take out their respective leaders from a safe distance, then focus on the small fry remaining.

Tip: If you’re at a low level, you may end up getting one-shotted by the Draugr Kitchen Overlord. Do not approach him on your own.

On the left hand side of the dining hall you’ll find a series of windows overlooking a large open cavern. It’s empty for now, but get yourselves ready for a huge fight between a large group of marauders and multiple waves of draugr.

Head up the stairs on the far side of the dining hall and head left then continue through the corridors until you reach a room with a small group of marauders.

Either fight the marauders and the draugr that burst out separately or jump over the marauders as they’re climbing up the stairs, trigger the draugr and have the draugr draw the attention of the marauders.

Once they’re dead, read the etched tablet for a hint on opening the next gate. You’ll need to put a dead body or an item on the pressure plate in order for the gate to open.

As you pass the gate you’ll hear the marauders engaging the draugr in the next room. Either wait for them to finish then head in to take on the surviving party or use the chaos to your advantage and get stuck into them while they’re distracted by the draugr.

Tip: There are a lot of high-level marauders here including a Marauder Captain so don’t rush in on your own. Let the mercenaries draw some of the heat and support them.

A marauder footman will take the Rusted Claw and will attempt to run away with it, but should die to a trap on the right hand side of this area. Collect the rusted claw off his corpse and use it to open the doorway.

Continue through the large pit cave where some adventurers are camping and enter the crypts.

When you get to the room with the oil on the floor, the pathway on the left will lead to the hall of stories and the nordic puzzle door. The pathway up the stairs straight ahead will lead to a secondary exit if you need to resupply.

Tip: Should you need to resupply you can use this exit to fast travel back to Ja’Shavi-Dar at Stonehollow then fast travel back to Wyrmstooth Crypt when you’re ready to continue.

Collapsed in front of the door is the corpse of a dead adventurer. Beside him or her you’ll find a bloodstained note. The solution for the nordic puzzle door is: Eagle Whale Snake.

You’ll find yourself fighting through another legion of draugr on the other side. Draugr will burst out two by two until their leader, Suleyk, bursts out of the boss’ sarcophagus at the top of the stairs on the opposite side of the room.

Tip: Suleyk is a dangerous melee warrior with a wide range of shouts which he can use far more frequently than a regular draugr overlord. Make sure any remaining draugr are taken care of first so your entire team can focus on him.

The most dangerous shout up his sleeve is Ice Form which can freeze both the mercenaries and yourself. He will also use Disarm so make sure you have a second weapon ready just in case. He carries an Ebony Battleaxe with a Drain Health enchantment so one on one combat with him is dangerous.

Alberthor will join up with you once Suleyk has been defeated. The gate in the center of the room should open automatically. If it doesn’t, use the lever beside the boss’ sarcophagus.

Looks like this goes somewhere. Alberthor comments on the waste disposal shaft in the boss’ chamber, saying it’s so deep it likely breaks into Dimfrost – the large underground magma chamber below the island. Only one way to find out…

Note: Don’t worry if your regular follower doesn’t make the plunge. They’ll meet up with you once you exit the dragon’s den and return to the surface before the final battle.

Another Note: If you lost the other mercenaries along the way, don’t fret, they’ll catch up with you here.

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Oh come on…

Barrow of the Wyrm (Part 3)

Don’t attack! It’s just Alberthor posessing a falmer.

Listen to what he has to say then head forth into the next room.

Before you enter Dimfrost, use this cozy little abode to prepare yourself for the onslaught of falmer you’ll soon be facing.

Tip: There’s a thresher at the entrance. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by falmer you can always lead them back to this place, activate the thresher at the entrance and watch them fall victim to its spinning blades.

You’ll find most crafting tables here along with a bunch of supplies so take the time to prepare yourself. There’s also a bed here if you need time to recuperate after fighting the draugr.

Once you’ve prepared yourself, step into Dimfrost.

Dimfrost can be a beautiful place…just don’t step in the lava or you’re sure to die a quick death.

This section of the dungeon is enormous and nearly spans the length and breadth of the entire island. To avoid getting lost, try and stick to the road. When it branches, head right downhill towards the waterfalls and follow the road to the dwemer citadel.

Tip: Use the lava pools to dispatch large groups of falmer easily. Falmer are blind and won’t see the lava in front of them so use that to your advantage.

Head towards the large dwemer sun sphere in the distance. Once you reach the entrance, Alberthor will tell you he can’t continue possessing the falmer any further and will leave you to your own devices after leaving you with some parting advice.

Battle your way into the citadel then head towards the Luminatory.

Tip: The falmer at the citadel are all placed in strategic positions. You may find it useful to walk around the perimeter first and dispatch any archers from the walls before charging in through the main entrance.

Fight your way through the falmer in the Luminatory until you reach what appears to be a dead-end room with a lever in the floor.

Do not pull the lever until all the mercenaries are in the room!

Once you pull the lever, the door behind you will snap shut and the room will start to fill with water. Swim your way to a passageway near the top.

Follow the passageway into the dragon’s den.

Tip: It’s a good idea to wait for the followers to catch up before approaching the dragon.

Vulthurkrah will explain his reason for luring you to the island. If you take a look around, you’re not the only adventurer fooled into following him here. His goal is to collect an army of corpses to siege Tamriel and restore the age of the dragons and you’ve just fallen into his trap.

Sensing the arrival of fresh victims the dragon departs leaving you behind, but only after deciding to raise the corpse of every single dead adventurer scattered about his den.

Tip: If you decide to fight all the raised dead one on one you’re in for one hell of a fight. Listen to Athir’s advice and seek refuge on the platform behind the dragon’s perch. You can close the gate and wait until the raise dead spell wears off, then use the dwemer elevator to return to the surface.

As the dragon flies away, it knocks a bunch of boulders loose from the cave walls so don’t get crushed!

Tip: You can disarm some of the raised dead by stealing the weapons off the corpses before the dragon speaks.

You’ll find a bunch of potions and poisons on a table at the far end of the platform. To the left of the table on the wall is a lever that activates a steam centurion. Use it to keep the raised dead distracted until all the mercenaries are on the platform then close the gate with the lever on the right.

Keep the gate closed until all the Fallen Adventurers are once again fully dead then press the button in the middle to open the gate to the dwemer elevator.

Objective: Defend Stonehollow from Vulthurkrah.

Lurius will be waiting for you outside the dwemer elevator and fills you in on what you’ve been missing while you were flushing the dragon out.

The Empire, having lost its patience with the hunt, decided to send an imperial contingent to speed things up. Unfortunately this move plays into the hands (or claws) of the dragon looking for more bodies to fill his lair.

  • Plan A: You rush ahead of the imperial carriages and take on the dragon before the soldiers get the chance to jump into the fight.
  • Plan B: You travel with the imperial carriages, wait for them to unload, then take on the dragon with a dozen legion soldiers in tow.
  • Plan C: You return to Skyrim, go home, have a meal and let the whole thing blow over. Yes. This is a legit option.

Which ever plan you choose (with the exception of Plan C, naturally), combat starts once you follow the dragon back to Stonehollow.

Note: The dragon may not attack immediately once you’re within Stonehollow. Just give it some time; depending on how far away the dragon is it may take a few seconds before the battle begins.

Vulthurkrah starts out with his Storm Call shout. This is the same shout the player can learn and it’s just as devastating – lightning bolts can wipe out the entire contingent of legion soldiers plus the mercenaries in a short amount of time.

Tip: If you have any shock resistance potions, drink them. Otherwise, seek shelter under a roof when the lightning bolts start to come down as getting struck can drain a massive amount of health from you very quickly.

Vulthurkrah will perch on the rooftops of buildings and uses a combination of fire and frost breath attacks. If you know the Dragonrend shout, use it to keep him grounded.

Tip: Use the Spellbreaker shield to block all damage from his breath attacks, shield-bash him, then attack with a power attack.

Once Vulthurkrah is down for the count, absorb his soul and collect your bounty from Lurius Liore.

Objective: Receive your reward from Lurius Liore.

Lurius should be hanging back from combat. He’ll either be hiding somewhere along the road to Stonehollow or he’ll be outside the Tradehouse.

When the battle is over, he’ll seek you out to present your reward.

Now that things have been concluded, the arduous process of rebuilding the town begins. The repairs take time but it should be complete in about a week in game time.

Stop by every now and then and see how it’s progressing as you continue your exploration of Wyrmstooth.

Retrieving Embersunder

This favour quest for Athir can be started once you defeat Vulthurkrah at Stonehollow on Wyrmstooth. Speak to Athir and ask him Is there anything I can do to help?

Athir will talk about an hierloom, a sword named Embersunder, that he’s been searching for in The Reach. The only place he hasn’t yet searched is Hag’s End, south-west of Solitude.

Objective: Retrieve Embersunder.

The objective is simple enough, find the sword and return it to Athir. Retrieving anything from Hag’s End, however, is no simple task The place is filled to the brim with forsworn, hagravens and witches so make sure you come prepared.

Once you’ve fought through the forsworn camp at Deepwood Redoubt, enter the nordic ruins of Hag’s End. Fight your way through the witches until you reach the balcony outside. The sword should be next to boss’ chest.

Objective: Return to Athir.

Return the sword to Athir and collect your reward.

Robbed Blind

This favour quest for Daenlit can be started once you defeat Vulthurkrah at Stonehollow on Wyrmstooth. Speak to Daenlit and ask her Is there anything I can do to help?

Daenlit will talk about a certain necklace she’d like procured from the possession of a merchant in Solitude. Unluckily for you this person is Erikur, a thane of Solitude with influence in the court.

Objective: Steal the necklace.

During the day you’ll find Erikur in the Blue Palace by the side of Jarl Elisif. There’ll be eyes everywhere so you may find it difficult to slip out of sight even with a high sneak skill to pickpocket the locket off his person.

Wait until he’s gone home and has gone to sleep before breaking in. Sneak into his room and swipe it off him, then return to Wyrmstooth.

Objective: Return to Daenlit.

Return the locket to Daenlit and collect your reward.

Repaying a Debt

This favour quest for Shargam can be started once you defeat Vulthurkrah at Stonehollow on Wyrmstooth. Speak to Shargam and ask him Is there anything I can do to help?

Shargam will talk about a debt owed to him by a man named Ulfgar currently staying in Markarth. He has lost his patience with the man and is no longer in the mood to wait for a repayment.

Objective: Kill Ulfgar.

Travel to Markarth and find Ulfgar. He should be idling near the entrance to the city, usually standing atop a walkway over the path to Understone Keep. He’ll be surrounded by residents during the day, so wait until nightfall.

Wait until the guards are out of sight then let him have it.

Objective: Return to Shargam.

Return to Shargam and collect your reward.

Wrap Me Up

Once you’ve helped Alberthor with his experimental mind control spell, ask him Is there anything I can do to help? He’ll mention his stock of Wisp Wrappings is running low and that he needs someone to find some more.

Objective: Find (0/8) wisp wrappings

As Alberthor points out, you can find wisp wrappings…wrapping wisps. Helpful as always. Wisp Mothers are a rarity in Skyrim so the easier option would be to check Alchemy stores for their supply.

Wisp wrappings may also turn up in the inventory of dead Alchemists, satchels and barrels.

Objective: Deliver the wisp wrappings to Alberthor.

Once you have 8, return to Alberthor for a random enchanted weapon.

Unwanted Guests

This quest can only be started once you finish Wrap Me Up for Alberthor by collecting 8 wisp wrappings. Speak to him once again and ask him Is there anything I can do to help?

This time it’s slightly more serious. Alberthor has been feuding with a group of Thalmor holed up in Haetar’s cave. He’s been sending waves of draugr to stir them up, this time he’s sending you.

Objective: Kill the Thalmor spies.

Travel to Haetar’s Cave on the eastern side of the island. When you get there watch out for the bear traps and bone chimes at the entrance that’ll alert the Thalmor to your presence. There’ll be a melee warrior in the first chamber and two wizards in the nordic ruins.

Objective: Return to Alberthor.

If you’re a good sneak, sneak past the two wizards and head towards the word wall. A draugr overlord will burst out which you can use to distract the Thalmor.

Return to Alberthor to collect your reward.

Reclaiming the Past

Eventually you’ll come across the ruins of Fort Valus, an imperial fort south of Stonehollow now seemingly abandoned. This quest starts upon entering either the Muster, Common House or Barracks.

Once Vulthurkrah has been defeated in the Barrow Of The Wyrm quest you can talk to Lurius Liore about purchasing the deed to the property.

Objective: Ask Lurius Liore about Fort Valus.

The base price of this player home is 30,000 gold. You’re buying an entire fort, not a snobbish mansion.

Like other player homes in Skyrim, Fort Valus is fully upgradable. Speak to Lurius about upgrade options once you’ve purchased the fort.

Most upgrades come with staff associated with the section of the fort you’re rennovating. The staff you hire will live in the Common House.

Tip: Hire guards by upgrading the prison. You’re not the only one who wants to claim Fort Valus. This is a player home you’ll need to defend!

Someone with Backbone

You can start this quest either by reading the book History Of Wyrmstooth or by entering the Tomb Of Vulom.

As you delve deeper into the tomb you’ll hear a disembodied voice speak to you. Approach the sarcophagus at the centre of the cave and talk to the skull.

Objective: Follow the disembodied voice.

Vulom will tell you of his miserable fate. Beaten and torn asunder, his final wish is to be made whole once more so that he may find peace in the afterlife.

This will require finding his arms, legs and ribcage which have been scattered around the island in nordic crypts.

Objective: Find Vulom’s bones.

The first location we need to travel to is Fort Valus. If you already own the fort you’re going to like this little surprise.

Head right from the entrance and enter the blacksmith’s chamber. At the far end of the room you’ll find a Wardrobe, open it to reveal a secret stairway. Head down then pull the pull chain to your left to open a passage into a witch’s lair.

Don’t worry: if you live in the fort they won’t come up in the middle of the night and murder your staff or steal your gear.

You’ll find a word wall with the first word of the Phantom Form shout – you’re likely going to need this shout later on so don’t miss it. Collect Vulom’s arms from the table to the right of the word wall.

Tip: You can use the magicka font here to help level up your spell casting abilities. The font will restore your magicka to full and you can use it an unlimited number of times.

If you’re a spell caster you may want to take the time to level up your spell casting with the magicka font before continuing.

The second place we’re headed to is Haetar’s Cave. Head past the corpses and into the nordic chamber. Just be aware that approaching the word wall will trigger a draugr overlord. Take the stairs on the left and enter the large ice cavern.

When you enter, take the path on the right. It’ll lead to a small nordic structure where you’ll find Haetar’s Key. It’ll be guarded by a single draugr.

Travel to the bottom of the ice cave, unlock the door then grab Vulom’s legs and head back out of there.

The final place we need to visit is somewhere you’ve likely already been to: Wyrmstooth Crypt. If you’ve already opened the Wyrmstooth Crypt secondary entrance east of the barrow enter through there. Otherwise you’re going to have to enter through the barrow’s temple entrance and work your way down into the crypts again.

Head back to the boss’ chamber but don’t fall down the hole again. Head up the stairs and go straight ahead into the treasure room.

Approach the word wall and learn the final word of the Phantom Form shout. Grab Vulom’s ribcage and get out of there.

Tip: If you’re a conjurer, take the Conjure Dragon Priest spell tome from the altar, you may find it useful near the end of this quest. Also, mind the flame trap!

Now that we have all the bones it’s just a simple matter of returning them, right? Wrong! Before we return the bones we need to do a little preparation. Spoilers: You’re in for one hell of a fight.

Objective: Return the bones to Vulom.

First, stock up on resistance potions; Resist Fire, Resist Shock, Resist Frost, Resist Magic. Preferably elixirs as they’re the most effective. If you need to travel back to the mainland and check each and every Alchemy store, do so.

Second, enchant your gear (if you can) with elemental protections. Otherwise, bring whatever gear you’ve found in your travels that have elemental protections. If you have the Spellbreaker shield handy, don’t forget it.

Third, stock up on healing potions. You’ve likely amassed quite a few during your travels already. Don’t sell them off just yet.

Fourth, temper your weapons at a grindstone or level your destruction skill as high as you can. If you need to spam some iron daggers at a forge to improve your smithing skill, do it. You’re going to need to hit as hard as a bus in the next battle.

And lastly, bring the toughest follower you know.

When you’re ready, return to the Tomb Of Vulom and return the bones.

Tip: Before speaking to him, drag the draugr corpses away from the sarcophagus as far as you can. A little preparation goes a long way.

On the bright side, he’ll be happy you found his bones. As for your reward…

Vulom usually starts by resurrecting a draugr overlord nearby (unless you moved it away). Now is the time to use the Phantom Form shout. This shout creates an unstrikable clone of the Dragonborn for 60 seconds that can be used to draw Vulom’s attention while you retreat.

The second spell he casts is the master level destruction spell Blizzard followed by Firestorm in quick succession. If you’re standing nearby, both spells together are more than enough to easily kill even level 80 players so as soon as he flies out of his sarcophagus stand back until both spells have been cast.

Next he starts casting Wall Of Storms which can quickly sap your health if you’re standing still. By this time your follower is likely down for the count so you may want to heal him/her.

Tip: When Vulom casts Blizzard, run back as fast as you can or use the Whirlwind Sprint shout to get out of there as he’s about to cast Firestorm which packs a hell of a punch. He will always cast Blizzard before Firestorm so use that as your warning.

If you see an orange spell in his hand it’s likely a healing spell, so stagger him with a shield bash or a dual-cast destruction spell. His healing spell can restore ¾ of his health which can make this a very long fight if you’re not hitting hard enough.

Another strategy is to start Someone With Backbone before finishing Barrow Of The Wyrm so you can take him on with all the mercenaries in tow plus a follower of your choosing.

Your reward for finishing him off is a staff that can be used to summon his shade. This is an incredibly powerful staff so recharging it will require more soulgems than normal.

The Shade of Vulom is capable of casting all the same spells so use it wisely; otherwise you may end up killing off half of Solitude by accident…wink.

A Howl Load of Trouble

This quest is available by speaking to Dunyick at Dunyick’s Camp south of Fort Moonwatch. He’ll be sitting under a tree cradling injuries sustained during a bandit attack. He, however, is more worried about his wolf Faelor.

Objective: Find Dunyick’s wolf, Faelor.

During the attack, his wolf ran off into the wilderness east of his camp. Follow the road to Wulfmere’s Watch then head south past the Dwemer Lift until you come across a circular nordic ruin.

Objective: Return Faelor to Dunyick.

The wolf should be easy enough to find with its rust-coloured pelt. When you travel back to Dunyick’s Camp you’ll find that you’re too late. Having bled out from his injuries, there’s only one thing is left for you to do.

Objective: Eliminate the bandits that killed Dunyick.

You’ll find their camp west of Fort Valus. Put them to the sword and avenge Dunyick. The wolf can now serve as an animal follower. If you dismiss Faelor, she’ll go back to Dunyick’s camp.

A Priceless Commodity

Travel to the steam pools and speak to Bolmar. He’ll be outside the entrance to Gronndal Grove with a group of miners. Seems like they’ve discovered a rare ebony vein, problem is it’s being guarded by spriggans.

Objective: Investigate the spriggans at Gronndal Grove.

Enter Gronndal Grove and approach the Spriggan Matriarch. You’ll get to choose one of two options here: serve nature and kill the miners, or serve the miners and kill the spriggans. You can take either route to complete this quest.

Objective: Clear the spriggans from Gronndal Grove.

Choosing to side with the miners will make the spriggans hostile. Chop them into firewood then return to Bolmar. Like all spriggans they can make nearby animals hostile towards you so watch out for angry rabbits.

Objective: Return to Bolmar.

Speak to Bolmar and tell him the spriggans are dead to complete the quest.

Otherwise if you sided with the spriggans you will need to kill Bolmar and the miners at the entrance. Just keep in mind that doing so is likely to give you a bounty on Wyrmstooth if you leave any witnesses behind.

Objective: Kill Bolmar.

Objective: Return to the Spriggan Matriarch.

Speak to the Spriggan Matriarch to finish the quest.

There is no right or wrong way to complete this quest; that’s your own moral choice to make.

Animal Bounty

Read a note labeled Animal Problem pinned to a wooden pillar in the Tradehouse at Stonehollow to start this Miscellaneous objective.

Objective: Kill the bear south of Fort Valus.

A bear has been interfering with miners travelling the southern road. Lurius would like the orcs to do something about it but you can spare them the effort and take care of this problem on their behalf.

Find the bear along the roadside and show it who’s boss.

Bandit Bounty

You’ll find another letter posted in the Tradehouse at Stonehollow warning about the bandits holed up at Cragwater Cavern.

Objective: Kill the bandit chief at Cragwater Cavern.

If left alone, the marauders are sure to become even more of a menace than they already are. Steel up and head over to Cragwater Camp. It’s not a permanent fix but taking out their leader should curb their activities. For now.

Kill the Marauder Captain to clear this objective.

Vampire Bounty

Travel to Stendarr’s Outpost on the eastern side of the island and read Amon’s Note on the table. He writes about his missing brother Amarth who went alone into a vampire lair.

Objective: Kill the master vampire at Bloodfrost Burrow

Head south from Stendarr’s Outpost to Bloodfrost Burrow. Make sure you prepare for this one as you’ll be facing a strong coven of vampires. Low level players may want to wait until they’re more skilled at vampire hunting.

Kill the vampire boss to complete this objective.

Tip: The Vigilants of Stendarr will routinely check this vampire lair. Joining up with them on the road may make this encounter slightly less painful.

Warlock Bounty

Northeast of the Wreck of the Salty Knave you’ll find an Abandoned Camp. A note on the table speaks of the warlocks abducting someone.

Objective: Kill the warlock leader at Krakevisa.

Krakevisa is a short distance south-west of Abandoned Camp. If you’re a spell caster you’ll find plenty of new spells in this location that you won’t find anywhere else in Skyrim plus some rare alchemical ingredients.

Kill the warlock boss to complete this objective.

Blind Robber’s Cache

If you’ve been to Blind Robber’s Bluff you’ve likely encountered the locked dwemer storeroom. Only one person has the key to the storeroom; Rolgar, a marauder captain. By the sounds of it he’s on a bit of a quest of his own.

Travel to Chillbone camp on the eastern side of the island. On the wooden platform is a bloodied corpse. Search around the deck next to him for a bloody note. It may be hard to see at first.

Objective: Retrieve the key from Rolgar’s corpse.

The note will mention Dimfrost. That’s where you’ll need to start.

Warning: At first the map marker will point to an arbitrary location far to the north of Wyrmstooth. Once you travel to Dimfrost the quest marker will correct itself. This is not a bug with the mod by the looks of it as it happens to radiant quests assigned to Blackreach as well.

From where you first entered Dimfrost during Barrow of the Wyrm, head left and follow the quest marker. Rolgar’s corpse will be near some falmer tents on the other side of a river.

Objective: Unlock the door to Blind Robber’s Cache.

Return to Blind Robber’s Bluff and use the key to open the gate and claim the marauder’s loot.

Stickler in the Mud

This favour quest for Elmera can be started once you defeat Vulthurkrah at Stonehollow on Wyrmstooth. Speak to Elmera and ask her Is there anything I can do to help?

Elmera will request 30 spiddal sticks from the Deadlands of Oblivion. Travel to the Deadlands and back has been made rather difficult following the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Objective: Gather (0/30) spiddal sticks for Elmera.

But you can find an old Oblivion gate on the eastern side of the island just outside the entrance to Wyrmstooth Crypt. You should find enough Spiddal Stick growing around the area to bring back to Elmera.

Once you’ve found 30, return to Elmera and collect your reward. A random skull she stole from an old tomb.

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