The Escapists – How to Escape Shankton State Pen

How to Escape the Vents Prison

First of All!

First of all go at the canteen get knives then cut the vents.

Bed Sheets?

Yes, bed sheets will be needed get 3 of them cuz the guards will not see what you are doing then get 4 more for the bed dummy and then the sheet rope.

Fake Fence!

Fake fence will be needed craft one or 2 if you need to.

Guards Attack!

Now you need to kill one guard to get his outfit so get a cup of molten chocolate or beat him with your strength.

Fatigue’s Out!

For this escape you will need something to keep your fatigue down. I recommend the bar of chocolate.

Cutting Tool!

For this escape something to cut is needed. I recommend the cutting floss cuz it’s way more easy to find.

Digging Tools!

Now get digging tools. I recommend the multi tool cuz you will maybe find a rock while digging.

Timber Brace! (Not Needed Step)

Craft a timber brace if you can’t dig under the wall.

Cut Slats!

Now cut the slats where you find an ladder at the middle of the center. I recommend using knives for this so you will not use your cutting floss.

Escape Time!

It’s time to escape at night get your bed dummy put it on your bed then get the 3 bed sheets to cover your cell now go out in your vents to get your items then wait till it’s 00:00 then get up by climbing the ladder avoid the searching lamps then use your sheet rope to get over and then go down when you are there find a fence with some boxes to hide yourself then when you finished dig and continue when you successfully passed the wall then just dig to surface and you are free!

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