The Escapists – Tips for Alone Map

You are kept apart from the other prisoners. The only way to communicate with the other prisoners is through a fence in the yard.

Warning: Very hard map!

Alone Map Tips

  1. The vent system above your cell is everything. Spend as much time clearing the vent way as much as possible. It’s the main route of accessing the right side of the prison and plans your escape way.
  2. Be on your best behavior. NEVER attack guards or missed an appointment. This reduces the chance of guards checking your cell and putting down the curtains. This is obviously to hide the big open vent hole on your ceiling. You may attack them after you have a fake vent cover.
  3. The only two items you really need from the interaction area are Magazine and Duct Tape (to make Poster). Don’t waste too much time and money on it.
  4. Find guard with red key and make copies of it. Ignore other keys (except Orange, but it’s still optional) ’cause you won’t ever need them.
  5. The escape route is straight-forward. You may look at the whole map from the workshop to better understand the route.
Created by XxCyberCatxX

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