The First Templar – How to Play Co-op

This guide is about launching the game “The First Templar” in co-op mode.

Attention! The game does not start through online mode, since the game servers were shutdowned.

What You Should Have

Note: Credit goes to 7TO7

So, the game does not start through online mode. The servers are down and you can’t create an account. The only way to play together is through a local network, however, there are difficulties with it.

In order to play with a friend, you need:

  1. You both should have the game;
  2. A program for creating virtual local area networks (My friend and I used Radmin VPN, but Hamachi can also work);
  3. At least one player should has a gamepad, and the second player may also need it;
  4. The desire to suffer and be patient with the Remote Play;

Startup Process

  • Launch Radmin and create a shared network with your friend. Make sure you have a connection.
  • Start the game (both of you should do it).
  • One of you must create a single player game.
  • After the game is created, invite your friend to Remote Play (sometimes you have to do it twice or more, ’cause it doesnt work stable). Attention: your friend should be in the game.
  • In the Remote Play settings, allow your friend to use the keyboard and gamepad (if you have this option)
  • After that, in the game menu, select the “split screen” option.
  • Exit the pause menu and see how you have a split screen, after that your friend can control the character (by using gamepad but sometimes it could work with keyboard).
  • The game host must change character by pressing “tab” on the keyboard.


  1. The player who plays through the remote play does not have all the buttons on the gamepad working.
  2. It also sometimes happens that when you are the host, your friend cannot use the controller, but if your friend becomes the host, then everything can work fine for you.
  3. Only the host will receive achievements.
  4. I still can’t guarantee that you will succeed, but my friend and I did the above things and in 2023 we were able to play the game together.
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