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Cheat Codes

The following commands only work on PC and can change a lot more of the game. To start with, type in developermodeon at the main menu screen.

There won’t be any notification or anything but you can press F1 to see if it’s working as it should bring up a box in the left corner where you can type in the codes.

Cheat CodeWhat It Does
buildermode onbecome god himself
survival onno need to eat / drink etc
addallitemsadd all items apart from story items
addallstoryitemsadds all the story items
veganmodeno enemys
vegetarianmodeenemys just coming in the night
meatmodedisable cheats
ironforestenemies and yourself unable to destruct buildings
Regrowmodetrees regrow 10% faster
Rawmeatmodeactivates perma-death
buildhack onlet you build any building without spending resources
buildallghostsbuilds all planned buildings
cutdowntrees 10Cuts down 10 trees, you can change the number
godmode onmakes you invisible
itemhack onUnlimited items
speedyrun onSuper fast sprinting
forcerain heavyForces heavy rain
forcerain sunnyForce the sun out
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