The Forest – How to Kill Mutants

There are various ways to kill them easily. But I will only write down the EASIEST ways!

Tips on Killing Mutants

Here are them:

Use a bow and an arrow. The materials are very simple: one rope, one cloth and one stick. The arrow requires 5 feathers and 1 stick, but will craft you 5 arrows instead of 1. Run and jump around, so the mutant can’t hurt you, and while you running around, fire the mutant. The poisonous arrow is much more effective than the firing one. I tried this out, I was able to beat 2 virginias at once without armor!

Use explosives. Though you will not get armor, this is the only way to kill them easily. I mostly recommend dynamites because they are a little bit stronger than usual explosives. But if you don’t want to waste them, you can kill the mutants with crafted explosives too.

Use wooden spears. Craft a spear bag, and do the same method as the bow and arrow. But you will need to collect the spears from the mutant and the ground, which may cause you take damage. But famous youtubers, like “Broadbent” uses this method too.

Use the crossbow. In normal mode, one simple shot is enough to kill a regular cannibal. Mutants needs to take more, but if your aim is good, you can beat them up in seconds.

Use the flintlock pistol. It has almost the same stats as crossbow, but it reloads slower. It has a slightly bigger damage and range, making you easy to snipe the mutants down from high places or far away.

Spam at them with katana. Go close to them, and do circles around them. They will sometimes hit you, but why the medicine exist? For this! You can beat a cowman in like 2 minutes if you just spam the katana at it.

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