The Forest – Weapon Guide

Guide to Weapons


A really fast weapon with damage slightly lower then the plane axe, The katana is located in the sinkhole, 4 Stars.


This weapon is really good for cutting bushes, trees and shrubs, and it also is almost the same damage as the plane axe like the katana.

Upgraded Spear

This is a really good easily crafted item, mostly used for hunting and throwing, it has no block though.

Crafted Club

Higher damage than the upgraded spear, machete, and katana, You can usually get them from painted cannibals that wield them.


Surprisingly, This weapon is a really good common weapon, It also has no blocking and low range though.


This weapon is good for stunning enemies and destroying trees, Its fuel is the gas can.


This weapon can 2 shot cannibals/mutants most of the time and its a ranged weapon with 1 shoot per clip.

Modern Axe

The modern axe is a 2x more powerful and almost full block version of the plane axe, It is found in cave 2 (The hanging cave)

Tennis Racket

The tennis racket is a really bad weapon that does as much damage as an upgraded stick, It also can be found in the chasm cave.

Climbing Axe

This is not considered a weapon and it does no damage but it also can climb certain walls.

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