The Genesis Project – Guide About Classpects (Classes and Aspects)


If you are here then you probably clicked on your Classpect (class & aspect) and wondering what da hell is goin on.

Aspects and Classes will give you abilities as you level up to defeat your enemies in combat with varied results from taking health from enemies to heal yourself, or boosting your attack speed to Star Platinum your enemies to oblivion. (Like the reference?)

Aspects and have their own abilities, but combined with Classes make new abilities with even more power, which can be active or passive, passive being boosts to yourself and friends, or debuffs to enemies, and active being, well, an active ability.

Now the game doesn’t tell you what you can do before the game starts, and you are forced to level up and check your abilities in the menu in order to see. But people like me exist, people who want to know before the game starts. This guide is for those people.

There are a lot of abilities and numbers and text in this guide so feel free to use the TOC (table of contents) for your convenience.

I hope you learn something from this, and I hope you have fun in The Genesis Project.

Now lets get to main part of this guide.

P.S. If I get ANYTHING wrong in this guide do not hesitate to correct me or give suggestions, cause this is my first guide I have ever made lol and I’m not to smart involving this stuff.


“Aspects are the basic building blocks of everything that exists within paradox space.”

But in the genesis project, they are the funny symbols on your screen that give you cool powers.

These abilities are set in stone, so they cannot be changed by class, and are most likely the first abilities you get in the game. These abilities all have cooldowns, so these are active abilities.

Good thing for me there aren’t that many abilities to type for, bad thing for you as in you don’t get much cool stuff to use, but that’s where the class comes in.

We will start with the Breath aspect and end with the Hope aspect.

Breath (The Windy ♥♥♥)

  • Breath is the aspect of change, freedom, direction, confidence, and wind.
  • This aspect along with its class will be able to use abilities based on the things involving with Breath.
  • SO! If you choose this aspect, you will get one aspect ability, which will be:
  • It’s a Bird: you will fly in the direction you are facing.
  • That’s it for Breath. Round of applause.
  • In all seriousness this ability isn’t bad.

Life (Not Death)

  • The Life aspect is about, now get this: LIFE. crazy.
  • Most if not all abilities involving this aspect will be about Life and Health.
  • Here are the life abilities:
  • Flourish: You heal nearby players.
  • Lightbeam: You summon a cool beam of light, damaging enemies but healing players.
  • This one is a good aspect in my opinion.

Light (Knowledge and My Burnt Retinas)

  • The aspect of Light is associated with fortune, luck, knowledge, and literal light.
  • The abilities will be based off these epic things.
  • Abey: Use this epic thing to blind all nearby enemies.
  • “Only one ability?”
  • It could be worse, really…

Time (Out of Touch, Out of Time)

  • Time is one of the two basic fabrics of paradox space. This aspect is about time travel and exploits.
  • You won’t reverse time or go into the future, but time shenanigans will be involved.
  • Time Distortion: This ability will speed up time for yourself.
  • Clone: You summon a clone from a doomed timeline. (scary)
  • An essential aspect with cool powers.

Heart (Fun Fact: It Does NOT Involve Love)

  • This aspect is comparable to the soul, aka the essence of being. Abilities will involve electricity, and the soul
  • Astonish: Use this ability to shoot a beam of electricity towards your cursor.
  • Fluctuate: Toggle this to shock enemies.
  • Has nothing to do with charming or love.

Rage (Anger Management)

  • This aspect is pretty cool. This one is about negative emotions, rage, and brute strength.
  • So the abilities based on this one are pretty dangerous.
  • Empower: Your next attack is now going to stun your opponent.
  • Turmoil: You toggle this to make any enemy you hit go beserk, which makes it hit anything and anyone around it with no sense of safety and self preservation.
  • “Purple Guy!?!”

Blood (and Friendship)

  • This one takes to a weird turn. This one is about friendship, bonds and unity. A good leader aspect.
  • Blood abilities include:
  • Propaganda: You convert enemies to your side temporarily.
  • No one is immune to propaganda.

Doom (Not The Game)

  • This one is a little morbid. Doom is about fate, death, sacrifice. But it is also about rules, restrictions, futility, and judgement.
  • So the abilities for this one are:
  • Judgement: enemies are weakened when near your cursor.
  • Wrath: This summons a pillar that pushes back and damages enemies.
  • Everybody gangsta till Doom rolls around.

Void (Ooo Mysterious)

  • One of my favorite aspects, this one is about nothingness, and obfuscation of knowledge.
  • The abilities are pretty weird.
  • Tarot Card: Fire a random projectile.
  • Disillusion: This is one is cool, it makes you go invisible.
  • Invisible is technically obscuring knowledge so go off I guess.

Space (In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…)

  • Space is the other basic fabric of paradox space. Space is about size, velocity, position, physics, and creation.
  • The abilities involve space travel and position which include:
  • Appear: This one makes you teleport where your cursor is.
  • Push: This ability pushes all enemies back.
  • Space is one hell of a drug.

Mind (Mindcraft)

  • The Mind aspect involves thoughts, decisions, consequences, karma, and justice.
  • Abilities based on Mind are dangerous and form a somewhat support role which includes:
  • Abey: This ability stuns enemies caught in the cone-shaped blast.
  • No thoughts head empty moment.

Hope (The Holy Powers)

  • Hope embodies literal hope and holy powers (kinda). It also embodies belief.
  • It’s a pretty simple aspect when you think about it.
  • But the ability is pretty cool:
  • Bravery: This covers a target with a shield that deflects attacks, dealing damage to the attacker.
  • Don’t know if you can target enemies with the shield.
  • One can only find out.


The other half of your title, a class is your role as the player. It determines how you use your aspect. Whether to destroy the aspect or destroying with the aspect, or manipulating the aspect or with it, each class is powerful in its own special way. The abilities that come with the combined classpect will come after the aspect abilities, but they are better or on par with the aspect abilities.

There are 12 classes each with their own abilities and purposes, either being damage dealers or support roles, you can always rely on each other for being epic class gamers.

We will start with the Witch and end with Slyph.

This is going to be a lot of info so be ready.

Witch (I’ll Get You My Pretty)

The witch is able to manipulate the aspect or manipulate with the aspect it is given.

From powers ranging from damage to support, its not a bad idea to have a witch by your side. Witch abilities have both active abilities and passive.

  • Time – This lowers multiple enemies’ attack speed.
  • Heart – Heart removes physical debuffs from an ally.
  • Blood – a little bit strange, kills drop souls that, if collected, will boost a stat depending on the enemy killed for a short time
  • Rage – This ability calms the enemy, and the enemy cannot attack until in wears off.
  • Doom – this one is a little…weird. It’s an ability that, if it kills the enemy, it revives the enemy. I know, weird.
  • Void – Ability that makes the target invisible and unable to attack.
  • Space – This one is funny. This one shrinks the size of the enemy.
  • Mind – Ability that removes the mental debuffs of an ally.
  • Hope – This ability grants an ally a delayed Guardian Angel.
  • Breath – This removes the Slowness and Root debuff from allies.
  • Life – Ability that heals for a percent of an ally’s missing health.
  • Light – This reveals nearby environment assists.

Knight (With a Cool Cape)

The Knight Weaponizes their aspects to dish out the damage. All abilities based on the Knight are active, mostly dealing damage to the enemy.

  • Time – This ability slows all enemies affected in the area. This includes movement speed.
  • Heart – An ability that increases in damage every time it kills an enemy. Keep on swinging.
  • Rage – The ability that deals damage equal to twice the value of your damage output
  • Blood – This ability improves the effectiveness of all other abilities for a short time.
  • Doom – This ability deals damage the less health the you have.
  • Void– This deals damage, and if the ability kills an enemy, it halves the cooldowns of your abilities.
  • Space – This ability deals damage equal to twice the value of your Action Points.
  • Mind – this ability deals damage, and if the ability kills an enemy, refunds VIM.
  • Hope – This ability increases health regeneration proportional to the damage you deal to an enemy.
  • Breath – Ability that increases your movement speed and attack speed.
  • Life – The ability to deal damage proportional to your current health.
  • Light – This ability gives you one attack that has a 100% chance to deal a critical hit.

Heir (To the Throne)

The Heir inherits their aspect, using it to change themselves and others around them. The abilities are a mixtures of active and passive boost. Depending on the aspect, the heir can be a powerful booster.

  • Time – An attack speed boost just for you.
  • Heart – This one is a increased physical debuff recovery rate
  • Rage – Simple ability but a good one. A self damage boost.
  • Blood – This one is interesting, your stats are boosted based on which players are nearby
  • Doom – This passive ability gives enemies a chance to revive themselves upon death
  • Void – Self Ability CDR (not sure what this one does.)
  • Space – An ability that gives you an attack power boost.
  • Mind – This ability gives you increased mental debuff recovery rate
  • Hope – This one gives you a Guardian Angel, able to block an attack for you.
  • Breath – This one gives you a movement speed boost.
  • Life – This increases health regen scaling with missing health.
  • Light – This ability gives yourself a luck boost.

Maid (Doesn’t Look Like One…)

The Maid class creates their aspect or creates through their aspects. Maids are a great support role to have by your side if times are tough, giving boosts and healing to all who are struggling keeping up with the enemy. All of the Maid’s abilities are active.

  • Time – This boosts a target’s Attack Speed.
  • Heart – This boosts a target’s defense.
  • Rage – This gives a target a damage boost.
  • Blood – This boosts a target’s strongest stat, sending it into overdrive.
  • Doom – This debuffs one enemy.
  • Void – Gives a target a reduced cooldown boost.
  • Space – This increases a player’s size. Attack on Titan time.
  • Mind – This gives a target an Attack Power boost.
  • Hope – Gives a target a shield for a short time.
  • Breath – Gives a target a movement speed boost.
  • Life – A simple ability: this heals an ally.
  • Light -Single-target enhancement of luck

Page (Weird Shorts)

The page is a walking beacon of boosts for other players and themselves, being the textbook definition of a support role. Not dishing out damage themselves, but boosting everyone and themselves to make a group effort.

  • Time – This passively increases your allies’ attack speed
  • Heart – This calms the next enemy that hits the player
  • Rage – This passively increases your allies’ damage
  • Blood – This passively increases your allies’ strongest stat
  • Doom – This passively decreases the enemies’ defense
  • Void – The only active ability. Killing an enemy gives yourself and your closest ally temporary CDR.
  • Space – This passively increases allies’ Attack Power
  • Mind – This passively increases allies’ VIM
  • Hope – This provides allies with a shield when the caster is hit.
  • Breath – This passively increases your allies’ speed
  • Life – This passively heals allies in a radius around the you.
  • Light – This passively increases your allies’ luck.

Not a bad idea to have one of these people with you. Just give them a chance to take out a couple of baddies.

Mage (Wizards Only Fools…)

The mage’s deal is about taking an enemies life in order to boost themselves for future battles. Along with knowing with and through their aspects. A solo class built to sustain themselves and to give a look out for their allies. Gives a small support role.

  • Time – Killing enemies grants temporary stacks that boost Attack Speed.
  • Heart – Killing enemies grants temporary stacks that boost Defense.
  • Rage – Killing enemies grants temporary stacks that boost Damage.
  • Blood – Killing enemies grants temporary stacks that boost a random stat for you.
  • Doom – Reveal and disable nearby traps for you and your allies. The tomb raider.
  • Void – Killing enemies grants temporary stacks that boost CDR
  • Space – Killing enemies grants temporary stacks that boost Attack Power
  • Mind – An Area of Effect ability that causes the next enemy attack to miss you.
  • Hope – Killing enemies grants temporary stacks that boost health regen.
  • Breath – Killing enemies grants temporary stacks that boost MS.
  • Life – Increase effectiveness of physical buffs to nearby players around you.
  • Light – Killing enemies grants temporary stacks that boost luck.

Seer (The Smart)

The Seer in this case is kind of like the Page when it comes to abilities, but they are only for themselves, in the form of Foresight. Another good support role, but in my opinion, I would like a Page.

  • Time – Passively has Foresight (attack speed) for yourself.
  • Heart – Passively has Foresight (damage) for yourself.
  • Rage – Passively has Foresight (damage) for yourself.
  • Blood – Passively has Foresight for random stat for yourself.
  • Doom – This active ability temporarily reveals all nearby enemies and increase damage against them.
  • Void– Passively has Foresight (CDR) for yourself.
  • Space – Passively has Foresight (Attack Power) for yourself.
  • Mind – Every X seconds, the next enemy attack misses self or nearest player.
  • Hope – Passively has Foresight (Health Regeneration) for yourself.
  • Breath – Passively has Foresight (Movement Speed) for yourself.
  • Life – Passively increase the effectiveness of physical buffs to yourself and nearest player.
  • Light – Passively has Foresight (Luck) for self.

Prince (Packs a Punch)

The Prince destroys their aspects or destroys with their aspects. They are your top damage dealers in your group, often with devastating effects.

  • Time – This reduces your target’s attack speed
  • Heart– This damages all enemies in a line
  • Rage – This reduces your target’s damage output.
  • Blood – This reduces your enemies’ strongest stat
  • Doom – This removes debuffs from your allies
  • Void – This pushes enemies away in a line
  • Space – This weird one warps enemies in a line closer
  • Mind – This ability that Paralyses an enemy.
  • Hope – Ability that makes enemies fear you. spooky.
  • Breath – This reduce the target’s movement speed.
  • Life – This one is dangerous. This one dishes out a massive damage burst around you.
  • Light – This decreases a target’s luck.

Bard (Chaotic)

The Bard is like the prince, destroying their aspect. But in the game, they have the most wild card abilities. A weird peice of work. Use this class if you want some spice in your session.

  • Time – This reduces the Attack Speed of your attacker when attacked.
  • Heart – For a short time, your next basic attack executes
  • Rage – This reduces the damage your attacker deals when attacked.
  • Blood – This passively reduces your strongest stat around player. You will be the best of your stat.
  • Doom – Debuffs are less effective around you.
  • Void – This pushes enemies in a circle away from you.
  • Space – Enemies are stunned and are pulled closer to the you. You become a black hole.
  • Mind – For a short time, your next basic attack paralyzes.
  • Hope – Your enemies near you run away in horror when you get a multi-kill.
  • Breath – This reduces the movement speed of your attacker when attacked.
  • Life – This passively deals damage around the you. Not sure if your allies are affected but lets assume they are.
  • Light – This passively reduces luck around you.

Thief (Doin Crime For Themselves)

The Thief steals their aspect or steals using their aspect for themselves. A thief is able to keep themselves in check by damaging their enemy and in return, boosting themselves.

  • Time – This damaging ability steals your enemies’ Attack Speed to increase your own Attack Speed.
  • Heart – Your kills drop souls that boost the next attack you deal.
  • Rage– This damaging ability that steals the enemies damage to increases your own damage.
  • Blood – Steals your enemies’ strongest stat, buff equivalent stat to yourself.
  • Doom – This ability removes your debuffs and applies it to your enemy.
  • Void – This damaging ability halves CD when attacking an enemy for the first time.
  • Space – This damaging ability that steals your enemies’ damage to increase your own Attack Power.
  • Mind – This ability inflicts a Frenzy status effect on your enemies.
  • Hope – You steal health from your enemy, which gives you a shield.
  • Breath – This damaging ability steals your enemies’ movement speed to increase your own movement speed.
  • Life – This drains your enemies’ health, and restores your health.
  • Light – This damaging ability steals your enemies’ luck to increase your own.

Rogue (Doin Crime But for the Homies)

This is like the Thief, but instead of for yourself, its for everyone. (not your enemies, they suck.)

  • Time – This damaging ability that steals your enemies Attack Speed to increase your allies’ Attack Speed.
  • Heart – Your kills drop souls that boost the next attack for nearby players.
  • Rage – This damaging ability that steals enemies’ damage to increase your allies’ damage.
  • Blood – This steals your enemies’ strongest stat, buff equivalent stat to your allies.
  • Doom – This ability removes allies’ debuff and applies it to an enemy targeted.
  • Void – Damaging Ability that if it kills, gives your allies CDR.
  • Space – This damaging ability steals your enemies’ damage to increase your allies’ Attack Power.
  • Mind – Calms the enemy for a short period.
  • Hope – Drains enemies’ health, gives a small Shield to your allies.
  • Breath – This damaging ability steals Movement Speed to increase your allies’ MS.
  • Life – Drains enemies’ health, heals your nearby allies.
  • Light – This damaging ability steals Luck to increase your allies’ Luck.

Sylph (The Healer)

The Sylph heals their aspect or heals through their aspect. The Sylph is the Maid on steroids, giving boosts to multiple target instead of one person. The Arch-Support class.

  • Time– A multi-target Attack Speed boost.
  • Heart – A multi-target Defense boost.
  • Rage – A multi-target Damage boost.
  • Blood – A multi-target enhancement of each players strongest stat.
  • Doom – A damaging ability that heals when an enemy dies by it.
  • Void – A multi-target cooldown reduction.
  • Space – a multi-target Attack Power boost.
  • Mind – This boost allies’ VIM recovery rate.
  • Hope – a multi-target shield spell.
  • Breath – A multi-target Movement Speed boost.
  • Life – A multi-target healing spell.
  • Light – A multi-target enhancement of luck.
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