The Henry Stickmin Collection – How to Achieve Every Bio

I had a hard time getting all and every one of the bios in THSC (the henry stickmin collection)-but graduating closer to the end I found a better way to source out every character find them in they’re most typical in particular hiding spots and left click them with ruthless efficiency.

Simple Advice

In THSC bio profiles are arranged in rows of five.

On the net there is a wiki enlisting every character/bio in the game (just search “every bio in THSC”) and click on the first link that comes up.

If you understand that say top left on page one of any episode is number one and then everyone after it is 2,3,4,5,6 and so on you can you use maths to work out the corresponding number (in the wiki) for every bio. In the wiki it entails where you can find the character you seek,exactly, shows a selection of frozen images to show the exact position of the THSC character and describes thier appearance.

Anyway I hope this helps other to fully complete the game and achieve the 100% rosette and have a THSC menu that glitters with effective video game gold!

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