The Henry Stickmin Collection – Rank: Cleaned ’em Out (CeO)

Need some help on getting the Cleaned ’em Out or better known as (CeO) ending. Just click on this guide for some help!

(CeO) Ending

Magic in the Air

Now in pursuit of getting on the toppats’s train you have three choices which consist of the strangest but normal objects.

This hat lets you on the train. Probably because it is magic.

Gotta get out of here!

After entering a room you’ll see the toppats they be chilling and don’t notice you but they will soon.

Climbing out the window would make a great escape.

Different Size gets the Prize

Now on the top of the train, you are entering a closed in space.

You have to get out of there before your head gets smash!

Using Free Transform should help!

Cleaning Up!

Having gained access to the rocket, it is time to collect all this loot!

Now pull out that vacuum and go out on those items like it Luigi’s Mansion.

Created by jpd71

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