The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Penetration vs Expansion

Ammo: Penetration vs Expansion

The ammo in this game is flipped from real life.

  • Soft-points = Expansion.
  • Polymer tips = Penetration.

Each type of ammo has a specific purpose. The softpoints are meant to be used within 75 yards and at close range will penetrate far enough in that the shell will explode closer to the organs.

At this range, not only is more damage done, causing more internal bleeding, but the animal is also shocked/stunned more by the hit/concussion. They are meant for small to medium sized game, but under the right conditions can be brutally lethal to large game as well.

These softpoints, when used by a caliber appropriate for the species, will do more internal damage within a certain range. Beyond that range they are basically just a shotgun blast to the hide.

The polytips are simply meant to compensate for distances that render softpoints useless.

The priority is in getting the bullet all the way into the interior of the body cavity. And it’s not going to explode into pieces, or shock the animal with the same intensity. And with larger animals comes a greater distance it has to travel to really get into the cavity and hopefully disable a lung or heart.

The polytips is designed to be extremely aerodynamic so it can travel greater distances and continue to maintain its penetrating power and knowing where that balance line is will be key to your success.

When you try to get an ammo type to perform beyond its design you might as well be throwing rocks at a rhino.

Created by Geronimo

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