The Isle – How to Play Omniraptor

This is only for omnis, not carnos, not pts, not deinos, this is a guide for omni players who want to skill up.

Guide to Play Omniraptor

Utah Attacks + health + plus damage

Omnis attack damage to certain dinos: The Carnotaurus, a head bite does quarter damage, but decent bleed, Body attacks And pounces for carno: Body: Half a quarter, but 5.5 bleed Pounce: 8.8 bleed no damage health! You are NOT invinceable, you have health, and not much with it Your weight depend on you health, say your, 56kgm, you have 56 health, and you die to: 1 stego swing: 1-2 carno rams: 3-4 pachy hits: and 1 to deino, Drowning for the lunge: if your a baby ptera can kill you in 5-6 hits: teno 2-1 tail slams: Dryo 0 damage if your a adult baby,..: carno bite: 2-3: you do have the upper hand of aglitiy so take it wisely, Utahs attacks: Alt bite Alt+leftclick: bite Leftclick: pounce right hold the mousebutton.

Growing your omni tips and tricks on how to survive

You an omniraptor, dont get into fights at a young age, you should run away as you dont have much health, feed on ai, and watch your bleed, once you get to about subadult start feeding on boars and dryos or hypsi’s or perhaps baby’s, this will feed you intill your adult, once you hit the adult stage, you can start killing Tenos+carnos+stegos, but do not be so proud of youself if your doing a good job remember your fragile and can die easily.

Fighting dinosaurs and how to properly fight them (you dont have to do it)

Your fragile so listen closely carnotarus: fight with focus, and use your aglity and a light body to outaglitize the carno, specifically jumping small cliffs, never ever pounce unless nessecary this can end in disaster. Tenotosaurus: once again use your speed and aglitiy for the higher advantage, and watch there tail closely as they have there advantages against your too, keep in mind your stamina, if you run out, theres no possible way ”yet” you could survive. Stegosaurus: speed and aglity again come in hand for this, pouncing could be nessecary in this case, but again watch your stamina these blades are equiped with none ending stamina so just watch that, but head bites it your best choice, lore the stego to swing, then dart in using your speed to get a bite. Deinosuchus: you cant fight this tank.

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