The Isle – How to Play (Tips & Tricks)

Welcome to The Isle

Note: Credit goes to Da Fishy Bro

Your friends bought a game called the Isle and you really want it or you have seen it on youtube, you buy it and you don’t know how to play and you come to me ze god, [not really] and heres my tips and tricks. First, the modes the modes of the game are Survival and SandBox you sandbox has every dino deppending on sever like some dont have camas etc, unlike survival you have a few you can play but admins can make you a dino and you could get nested by a female for all i know pue. and anything else really. Survival in detail is hard. its work you don’t wanna do so i suggest going for rex, knock it out in about 4 days like split apex growing for a few days unlike dilophosaurus and dryosaurus. Dryosaurus is easy to grow and has a thing called a “burrow” you can hold right click to get in and make one i suggest play with 2 people as this. it would make if you lost a burrow easier and if your a female make a nest by your burrow to act as a marker. Trikes, oh yeah those they are similar in time as apexes so split them too a few days unless you have nothing to do for 7 hours. hadrosaurus take a medium ammount of time possibly near 1 hr. or 2 idk. SANDBOX the place where you come to die unless a chill sever. sandbox lets you play all of the dinos [i play indo’s party or nycta 4,5,2] all sandbox does is not much really just lets you do whatever but still rules.

Rules etc…

Rules r something that none of us like but we deal with it like Spawnkilling is something everyone has done one time or another. spawnkilling is killing somebody when they spawned in, and KOS is killing on sight and KFS is killing for sport. Bans BANSSSSSS something we don’t like is being banned but i got perm banned before like a dank boi i am but banns can be just for 24 hrs so perm [but somehow i lost the ban wo ho!] kicks r for doing something like spawnkilling. keep doing it and you’ll get a perm ban in no time. 2 kicks then 1 ban i think then perm ban? oh well ADMINS: administartors i can’t spell idc prett much the person to ban you they have to say the rules to rule breakers etc they can also teloport to many places like \ for spectatior mode and /ban [persons steam name] for 24 hours and /grow making you max growth so like u started as juvi and u can just progress to adult or sub. /set time 12:00 witch does night /kick /heal etc…


Combat something we all do in the isle, like stab our knife theri fingers into rexes fat skulls!!!!. Combat is hard and easy at times for rex its easy and hard deppending how good they are at the game [i suck tho but a few days ago i killed rex as theri UwU] so u can do jp3 and have the spino win deppending on da player. etc stuff like biting is left click same with most attacks but some dinos have 2 attacks like triceratops right click does swipe horns and left click [main attack] stomps same with theri main attack is 1 swipe but most people use right cuz it does like 2x dmg.

Skins And Camo

Skins are something you can create with survival dinos like for example albino utahs like just splatter white colors and boom. Tthere ya go! Camo is needed so if example you were gonna be juvi utah in a dryos burrow and kill them go for yellow/orange etc Finnal words to you noob is Good luck.

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