The Last of Us Part I – How to Improve Performance

How to Boost FPS

As we’ve seen this is not the most optimized game in the world right now, but, if you disable chromatic aberration and film grain you will gain around 10-20fps more, at least in my case, and then enabling FSR2.0 or DLSS will give you another nice boost without any quality losses.

Also if your shaders are stuck at any percentage for me it got stuck at 33% after 1h waiting (even took a nap) and it worked just closing the came once or twice and opening again, then the shaders installed fully within 1 min, so might be a good idea to give that a go.

I have been lucky and didn’t crash even once but I see a lot of people with crash issues

My specs are i5-13400F, 16GB RAM, MSI RX 6650XT 8GB and I am playing at high settings with chromatic aberration and film grain off, plus enabling FSR or DLSS I’m getting around 80-100fps depending on the scene. It is eating my full GPU VRAM, the whole 8gb and my ram is around 13-15gb which is crazy and I hope they patch it soon, temps are quite good, around 50-60C for GPU and 40C for CPU and I am using a mini itx case (NZXT H1 V2)

Hope this somewhat fixes your issues and Have fun!

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