The Last Spell – Exploits Guide

Theese are the known Exploits. For your information: I am sure some of you already spotted and found thoose Exploits before us.


Shop Reset

You can reset the items in the shop by destroying and rebuilding it. The Shop resets after each upgrade, even after destroying and rebuilding it.

Shop, Meta Spoiler: After upgrading the selling ratio of the shop, it will stay upgraded after destroying and rebuilding it. Selling Ratio resets next Production Phase.

I highly recommend, when you reset the shop by destroying it, to wait to the next day, before leveling the Selling Ratio up again.

Profound Inspiration

You can cast Profound Inspiration in Production and Deployment Phase. This efficiently gives your heroes 14 Mana for free.

Shop Investment

You can sell and buy items, that are worth 4-5 gold for the same amount. This means, selling and buying the same Item that is worth 4 gold 100 times to the shop, you invested 400 gold and 1000 gold into the quest, without wasting any money.

Primary and Secondary Trait Reroll

There is a bug, when you reroll a Primary or Secondary Attribute 1 time, choose an attribute from the other side and then reroll on the Primary or Secondary Attribute again, there will be 3 new options to choose.

You can reroll the 3 attributes depending on how many rerolls and level ups you’ve got.

Reroll Reset

The game does not autosave after a reroll.

If you use a reroll, press Alt+F4 to hardreset the game and relaunch it, you will be back at 2 rerolls with 5 Traits to choose.

If you reroll again, the same results will be shown.

But you can instead use the rerolls on the other attribute now.

Deployment Buffs

You can Buff your heroes in the deployment phase and have the buff active, before the first Nighttime Turn begins. You can effectivly get multiple Armor Items, with a buff, equip them seperately to a hero before the night phase starts and buff him.

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