The Last Spell – Fast Gold Build Order

Fast Gold Build Order For People With Wealthy Town 1 Meta Progression

Hey, just sharing my build order for the first few nights of the game after getting wealthy town 1 meta progression. This assumes you S rank every night which is not difficult so far on apoc2, may not work on higher difficulty levels. This is just as far as I have gone. Also i do not buy items in the store early game.

This won’t work if you cannot S rank the first three levels. Probably need to have at least the extra action point unlocks to make that easier.

Day 1: 150g, 4 workers

  • Gold Mine -45g
  • Upgrade mine 1 production -40g
  • Work +25g
  • Upgrade mine 1 Production -90g
  • Salvage 3 worker building +21g

Day 2 : Bank 21g, Srank 110g, Mines, 50g. Total: 181g, 4 workers

  • Sell 19g worth of equipment
  • Upgrade mine 1 production -200g
  • Work mine 1 +55g
  • Upgrade Mine 1 capacity -25g
  • Work mine 1 +55g
  • Build mine 2 -45g
  • Upgrade mine 2 production -40g
  • Work mine 2 +25g
  • Upgrade mine 2 capacity -25g
  • Work mine 2 +25g

Day 3: Bank 25g, Srank 130g, Mines 135g. Total: 290g. 4 workers

  • Work Mine 1 x2 +110g
  • Upgrade Mine 2 production x2 -290g
  • Work Mine 2 x2 +110g
  • Build House -55g
  • Build Mine 3 -45g
  • Upgrade Mine 3 production -40g
  • Work Mine 3 +25g
  • Upgrade Mine 3 production -90G
  • Sell items worth 10g
  • Upgrade Mine 3 capacity -25g
  • Work Mine 3 +25g

Day 4: Bank 25g Srank 180g, Mines 270. 6 workers

  • Upgrade mine 3 production -200
  • Work all mines x2 +330g
  • Build house x2 -110g
  • Salvage 3 cost ruin +21g
  • Build Seer -140g
  • Build House -55g
  • Work Seer
  • Build inn -180g
  • Buy a hero costing less than 130g.

You could probably skip the salvage and third house altogether tbh. I usually start building production buildings after this and maxing those.

Now you make 660g every day to do with what you please the rest of the run and your 4th hero for a power spike.

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