The Perfect Tower II – Getting from M7 to M8 (aka 100B Requirement)

A little guide on how to progress at this point in the game. I myself struggled with this strong challenge and wondered if I was doing something wrong or what I needed to do.

So I’ll give you a few quick hints in case you also want a little guidance on how to progress.

What is Needed

Note: Credit goes to Kupo

Things to have/do in order to fulfil the last HQ requirement:

  1. You obviously need all 51 slots for modules, so make sure you upgrade your workshop to the max. This should be the least of your problems.
  2. Know your enemy. To reach wave 100B, you should take the easiest level, forest on easy. Find out what enemies or their elements are and what is good and bad against them.
  3. There are a LOT of modules, and some are more useful than others. I recommend getting all of them that you can. Just get the random drops from the tower test, maybe some challenges, arcade, lab. Get all the modules!
  4. Once you have as many modules as you can, start creating a good blueprint that is just right for that scenario, map and enemies. Think about a strategy and try different combinations to see how far and how fast you can get, start with big changes until you tweak with small changes. Be sure to test each new/unknown module and see how it might work.
  5. Biggest requirement: You need to be around level 20 in the modules you use. Yes. Level 20, the more the better, maybe a little less will work.

Now if you’re like me, you’re probably only at level 12 at the most right now, so how do you even get to level 20? Well, it’s quite simple: push your resource production.

The Main Problem

So let’s talk about the big problem here:

Getting the resources needed for high-level modules.

  • You may have already started exploring the factory, you may have even liked it and bought all the machines, upgraded them and got some ores.
  • At least I hope you did, because otherwise you’ll have to learn it now.
  • You need high level producers, or at least one in particular, the white T5 producer. Yes, blue ones would be the obvious choice, but white T5 producers facilitates every single aspect of the game and is in fact much easier to manufacture to get your modules than using blue producers.
  • Also, only ever get one producer of the same colour/tier. You don’t want to make a second one to double the production. Get another colour, or a higher tier, or none at all for now, until you can afford it.

Exotic Gems Upgrades

Let’s get one thing straight: We need at least one Factory Upgrade.

For 60 exotic gems you can get the upgrade chemical lumbs.

If you do not already have this, it is your highest priority. You cannot effectively progress in the Factory without this upgrade.

You may be doing the first tiers to learn the features of the factory without it, but get this upgrade as soon as possible! For exotic gems, I used the mine (exotic upgrade: small chance to find exotic gems when mining layers) in combination with workers mining. For this also use the upgrade that spawns new layers much faster when I do tower testing. And then idle in tower testing a few minutes, go back to mine, etc. Maybe there are better ways to get the gems, but that’s out of the scope of this guide. Just get the factory upgrade somehow.

2nd Floor and Scripts

If you haven’t chosen the 2nd floor for the factory, don’t worry, this is not necessary. In fact, if you have unlocked it, I recommend doing NOTHING down there, not progressing, except maybe the first few levels if you really have a lot of materials over for that. It will only slow down your progress and give you no advantage for it whatsoever

The only reason you might use it is if you don’t use AI for crafting.

Yes, I hate to do this, but I have to strongly recommend you to use an AI for crafting. While it’s certainly possible to craft manually, I’d hate for a reader to lose their mind over it.

I use the factory scripts from d0sboots, which you can find here.

You should turn off ore duster if needed (if you use it at all) while you are crafting things automatically.


If you have ignored the mine so far, you should start working here now.

Start all the remaining workers and let them work the layers in the mine.

Alternatively, use a script like d0sboots mining script for this as well.

You will need at least some shards for ores for materials to make, many different in the end.

Obtaining Ores:

  • Don’t go overboard on getting ores. If you are actively playing and want to craft/progress, set the refiner to a fairly short time so that you can get the ores in time to use them.
  • It would be far too disappointing to set it to 24 hours and come back the next day. Don’t do that, it’s only worth it for high-level ores, later when you can’t progress without.
  • You don’t have to get the high-tier ores so fast. Just get a single ore that is your current highest, or one above that if you just need it. Only ever take a single highest ore, not 3 or 4, that would be wasted time.

Manufacturing Priority

First make sure you have enough currency. If you can’t make something because of currency, upgrade your producers. Upgrading producers for currency you use is always a good idea because upgraded versions produce MUCH MORE currency than the previous level.

Next, you want to maximise your ore refining speed so you can make things faster.

To do this, you want to upgrade mainly 3 machines:

  1. The belt. Always upgrade the belt if possible. It will halve the time it takes you to refine shards into ore. Highest priority.
  2. The mixer and the crusher. These should be about 1-2 levels behind your belt, so you can quickly turn the ores into the right dust and not have to wait for hours.
  3. Everything else can be lower, just keep an eye on the timers, what gets used often and takes a long time, and how many levels it is behind. Then upgrade.
  4. Finally, producers. Upgrade the not so important ones when they are cheap, and the needed ones as soon as you can.

Things Outside the Factory that Help Your Progress

Power Plant

Don’t like it? Well, it can actually triple the speed of factory, mine and everything else, so get used to it.

Set up the power plant, move the booster slider all the way to the left and activate it for the factory at least. Set up a worker to renew the boosters, and one to renew the resources for the power plant if you don’t want to micro manage that every few minutes. This will massively speed up not only the crafting, but also the refining of shards into ores in your factory.

Trade Centre

Get all the upgrades for factory production. This will only increase your producers. So if you don’t have enough currency, get those upgrades. You can also just reset them and ignore all the other stuff to just upgrade the factory here.

Town Perks

There are also some for the factory (test them out) and one for efficiency increase for the power plant that you can consider.

The End

This should be enough to make a white T5 producer and get the necessary currency to upgrade your modules to the required level. Of course you want to have all the software in HQ, but that should be very easy to acquire, at least in the end.

You still have no idea what the blueprint should look like with which modules? Alright, I’ll just throw in mine that I used at about level 22, it’s certainly not optimised, but it works. Feel free to adapt it to your needs. Don’t panic if you’re missing a module, most of them aren’t 100% required.

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