The Ranch of Rivershine – How to Make Money

Tips to Make Money

You can get money by racing, farming and selling horses.

Horses you wanna sale have value depending on:

  • Their coat.
  • Markings.
  • Stats.
  • Trust.
  • Which races they got a ribbon for (not the quantity, just if they have any ribbon or not).

If you struggle with racing I recommand training horse or start over and get starter with better stats than just nice looks!

Farming is a good option and you can forage a lot on the maps. Plants appear in the same spawn spots to keep a look out each day. Timothy hay and grains sell for good prices, and carrots don’t take too long to grow.

If you’re going to invest in fertiliser I’d suggest either the one that shortens growing time by a day (since that means you can plant more often) or the one that adds +1 crop to each harvest – but I haven’t done the maths yet so I don’t know which is better of if it’s worth spending the extra money on fertiliser at all.

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