The Sexorcist – The Map

The Map

This Is the map of the house.


  • Red Line – Doors and cabinet doors.
  • Light Blue – Dresser/Cabinet. Searchable drawers.
  • Light Green – Places where Ms. S can’t follow. Under cabinets, closets, hole in the wall, etc.
  • Yellow Stripes – Stairs. Up arrow is going up. Down arrow is going down.
  • Dark Yellow – Master Door and Front Door.
  • Dark Gray – Furniture.
  • Orange Lines – Cut wires locations.
  • Dark Blue – Tub to fill Bucket with water.
  • Single Yellow Stripe – Openable Power Box.
  • 3 Brown Stripes On Red – Wooden Boards.
  • Dark Green – Power Diverter Spots

The Lowercase Letters are names for the stairways and secret passages between floors.

Created by Lykos

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