The Solus Project – How to Enable TAA Antialiasing

By default, the game uses FXAA anti-aliasing (it’s unclear why), which accordingly cuts the eye with aliasing and other flickering, this guide will show you how to enable TAA antialiasing.

Guide to Enable TAA Antialiasing

Enable TAA

In order to enable TAA, open the console “~” or “F8” and enter the following commands:

r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing 2
  • 0 – no AA, 1 – FXAA, 2 – TAA.
r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight 0.1
  • Mixing jitter and temporal filter, at 200% render resolution “0.2” would be a good value.
r.TemporalAASamples 64
  • Affects the quality of TAA at an angle to the surface, such as horizontal lines.
r.Tonemapper.Sharpen 1
  • It is not recommended to turn it off because without it the picture is blurry.

These commands must be entered every time after loading a level.

In order not to enter each command separately, use this:

r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing 2 | r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight 0.1 | r.TemporalAASamples 64 | r.Tonemapper.Sharpen 1
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