The Stanley Parable – Ending and Achievement Guide

The Stanley Parable is a great game, but it’s endings and achievements are quite… obscure. I made this guide to help those who are trying to figure out how to unlock and complete these hidden components of the game.


These achievements vary in complexity and difficulty, so a guide is most likely necessary at one point or another. 

Also, you may have checked my profile to realize there are two achievements I have not obtained, those being Speedrun and Commitment. I was never able to complete Speedrun although I know the process, and I didn’t do Commitment because… I have a life.

Beat The Game

Simply unlock the Freedom Ending.

Welcome Back!

Simply exit and restart the game, which you’ll probably end up doing while hunting for the rest of the achievements. It’s pretty much impossible to miss this achievement if you’re aiming for it.


In the “Options” menu, select “Extras” to find “Achievement” set to off. Switch it and you will unlock this achievement. 


In the Boss’ Office, you will find a pinpad. Type in 8888 once, and it will reject it. Type “8888” again and the achievement will unlock.

Click On Door 430 Five Times

If you click Door 430 five times, the narrator will monologe about how you don’t deserve the achievement yet, and will lead you all across the office to click and stand on random things. Finish these objectives to unlock the achievement.

You Can’t Jump

At any point, try pressing “Space” several times to unlock the achievement.

Go Outside

You can be a weird person and spend five years not playing this game, or you can just change you’re computer clock five years ahead, go in to get the achievement, and then set it back.


This achievement requires some preparation.

First, you need to go to the Office, enter the code into the pad, then restart the game. Return to the office and the narrator will talk before opening the door by himself. Now if you ever head back you can skip any dialogue and just go straight to the elevator.

Now you need to continuesly start a new game until you get a different start room. The two ones you can get are a narrow dark corridor, or a big blue room both immeditaly leading you to the door choice. 

Once you get one of those rooms, race to the Freedom Ending.


Close the game and head to the Stanley Parable game files in “steamapps”. Next enter “config.cfg”. Now you want to make a new line and write ‘bind “x” “~;_u’ (without the ‘s). Now re-enter the game and click “x” to unlock the achievement.


You. no joke, have to play the game for 24 hours on a Tuesday. Either you do this legit, in which case you can’t just leave your computer on, you have to be playing, and if a random crash or glitch occurs, that’s tough luck, or you cheat it. There are several strategies to cheat this achievement on the Internet so make sure to check those out.


Below is listed every single ending. Please note that variations of endings will not be noted here. As an example, trapping yourself in the Portal simulation, or the difference the Suicide and Cold Feet endings. Most endings are unspoiled, meaning only the process to unlock them are described. However, in a few endings, this may not be the case.

The Freedom Ending

To get this ending, you need to follow the narrator at all times. In other words, you need to pick the left door, head upstairs to the office, enter the Mind Control Facility, and press the “OFF” button to destroy the facility. This will unlock the ending.

Pressure Ending

Instead of leaving the room, shut the door to trigger the ending immediately.

Sick Of This Gag / Not Sick Of This Gag Ending

In the first section of the office, you can climb up on a chair onto a desk next to a window. By crouching you can walk through the window out. After you do this, the narrator will begin speaking until he asks if you are sick of this gag yet. You will then be given an option to reply “Yes” or “No”. Clicking either of them proceeds with the respective ending.

Red Door Ending

You need to first take the right door to reach the lift. When you go across, drop off the platform onto the walk below. Eventually you will reach two doors, one red, one blue. If you enter the red door, the Narrator will take you to a new area, where lights will be blazing, and will begin talking about how you need to stop moving and relax. Here, there is a door that will lead to corridor which will eventually open into a small area with a high staircase and a ledge. Continuesly climb up the stairs and drop down to kill yourself, despite the Narrator begging you to stop. After the fourth drop, you will die, and the ending will finish.

Blue Door Ending

Same criteria as the Red Door Ending except that you must enter the Blue door. This will lead to an empty area where the Narrator will put you through random surveys, eventually leading you to his game, where you have to press a red button to stop a baby from running into fire. To win the game, you have to do this for four hours. For the purpose of this run, you can just fail the game. Afterwards, the Narrator will bring you into a simulation of Minecraft, and then Portal. Eventually he will say he’s done playing and is leaving you. After that a big hole will appear. If you drop down you will be in a big dark narrow corridor. Eventually the ending will trigger by itself.

Baby Ending

For the first two hours, you just need to press the red button to save the baby. After the two hour mark, you need to now alternate between the red button, and a blue button to save a dog from suffocation. If you complete this, you will be taken to a scene where you are talking to the essence of art itself. This unlocks the ending.

Escape Pod Ending

Go through the left door and up to the Boss’ office. When you enter into the office, move back as fast as you can so that the doors shut before you enter, trapping you out. When you turn around, you will see that all closed doors are opened. If you return to the beginning a pitch black door will be open. If you enter you will be taken to a dark area with stairs. If you go all the way up you will be led to a dark room where you will find an escape pod, and interacting with it unlocks the ending.

Broom Closet Ending

If you enter into the Broom Closet and stay in there for a while, the Narrator will monologe for a while, until he stops completely. If you restart the game and return, he will speak a bit more then stop again. If you reset and go back again the Broom Closet will be boarded up by wood.

Heaven Ending

There are computers hidden around the office that contain a screen displaying purple bars. If you click it, a purple bar will appear. You need to find all five computers to be teleported to Heaven, where you can push buttons for eternity.

Suicide Ending

When on the lift, simply fall off and all the way down to die and unlock the ending.

Wife Ending

If you head across the lift, you will reach an area where a phone is ringing. If you click it, you will be teleported to Stanley’s wife’s apartment. When you enter, the Narrator will start narrating about how you died. He will keep repeating things and the world will change around you back into Stanley’s office. Eventually the Narrator will tell you to die, and this unlocks the ending.

Choice Ending

Same criteria as the Wife Ending, except that you have to unplug the phone. The Narrator will then show you a video about choice. Afterwards, he will direct you back to the beginning of the game and will tell you to head into the left door. Head into the right to find that the game is breaking. Now return and head to the left. Keep going until the game is destroyed. The game will then reset itself, back to when you choose the left or right door. Go to the left to find that you are in some kind of alternate universe. The game will reset again, and will unlock the ending.

Museum Ending

The criteria of this ending is the same as the Freedom Ending up until the elevator. Instead of going into the Mind Control Facility, head into the corridor marked “ESCAPE”. Continue forward even as the Narrator warns you. Eventually you will fall into a pit where Stanley is crushed to death. From here you will be directed into the Museum. From here you can explore to find many interesting sprites and other things. Enter the exit sign to find the ending.

Countdown Ending

Same criteria as the Freedom Ending up until the final choice. Instead of clicking the “OFF” button to destory the facility, click “ON” to start a detonation sequence. As the Narrator monologes, you are directed to figure out how to decode a huge puzzle in less than five minutes. It is impossible nevertheless, and eventually you will be blown up, unlocking the ending.

Dream Ending

Head through the left door first. Instead of heading to the boss’ office, head downstairs. From here, you’re going to be in a huge area with a few rooms. As you walk through, you’ll begin to realize that the rooms are repeating themselves. The Narrator will be talking about how you are having an identity crisis and how your mind is collapsing. Eventually the screen will go black and you will lose control of Stanley. This will begin the ending.

The Confusion Ending

Head through the right door and then go through the detour back to the left path. Instead of going all the way through, head into the hidden elevator. When you go down, you’ll find yourself above the Mind Control Facility. The Narrator will try to prevent spoilers by restarting the game. When you head back to the two door choice, you will find a dozen. After you look around for a while, the Narrator will restart the game again. When you head back, there will be no doors. The Narrator will lead you back to the beginning where you will find yourself in a wooden hut. The Narrator will then reset the game yet again. Now the Stanley Parable Adventure Line will appear. It will guide you into previously inaccessible areas and will go in a full five minute circle, eventually leading you back to above the Mind Control Facility again. The game will reset, and the Narrator will say that he wants he and you to make a new adventure. He opens a random door and you will have to follow him to eventually find two doors. The Narrator himself will make an equation and come to a conclusion of opening the door on the right. Inside you will find the Confusion Ending timer, along with the whole setup and schedule. After a while, the game will reset once again, which unlocks the ending.

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