The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – Click on Door 430 Achievement

Exact details on how to get this achievement.


At the time of writing, if you have a door that says “new content” you cannot complete this achievement at the moment. the devs said it’s a priority for the first patch of the game.

If you can get that door to go away, you can attempt the achievement again. if you cannot, you will have to reset your data, wait for the patch, or enter the development branch which is currently trying out fixes for various release issues, found in the settings for The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe.

Click on Door 430

The Narrator provides input after each step, sometimes you need to listen to their instructions before the next step will actually activate. (e.g. you cannot simply start off by clicking door 430 75 times in a row rapidly).

  • 1. Click on door 430 5 times.
  • 2. Click on door 430 an additional 20 times.
  • 3. Click on door 430 an additional 50 times (75 total).
  • 4. Click on door 417 20 times.
  • 5. Click on door 437 3 times.
  • 6. Click on door 415 10 times.
  • 7. Click on door 437 once.
  • 8. Turn around from the door and look on your left, there is a divider in front of a copy machine, click on the copy machine once.
  • 9. Click on door 417 once.
  • 10. In the room you just came from you can find employee 419s cubicle and desk. There is a box turned over to the left of their desk, use it to climb onto 419’s desk.

(Note: this is the bugged step).

  • 11. Click on door 416 twice
  • 12. Click on the copy machine once
  • 13. Click on door 430 5 times
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