The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – Settings World Champion Achievement

How to get this achievement. A simple guide!

Settings World Champion Achievement Guide

This achievement is simple, after you understand what you actually needed to do. The way to achieve this is simple.

  1. Go to settings in the game. And from here it goes like this.
  2. Every setting you see that can be changed, whether it is a slider, or one of these.

Or one of the checkboxes. You have to.

  1. For sliders – turn them to lowest value, then with arrow keys go to the max value said slider has.
  2. For checkboxes – just check and uncheck the box.
    4.1 Warning – When checking boxes, an extra slider and a options field will appear. You have to go trough those as well. AKA be thorough.
  3. For these types:

Scroll trough every possible value they have.

  1. When you check this box:

You should get the achievement – Settings world champion, if you went trough everything correctly.

Congratulations. You got the achievement. Hopefully this helped.

Created by Arburo

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