The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – 100% Detailed Achievement Guide

Overtime/Combat Achievements – Varied Difficulty

  • Sinner: Kill 30 Humans
  • The Hugger: Grapple with walkers 50 times (Not 50 walkers)
  • Over-Encumbered: Fill every slot in your backpack
  • Ghost Walker: Stealth kill 15 enemies (Walkers or Humans)
  • Braaaaiiiiins: Brain 100 Walkers
  • Chalk Up: Climb a total of 50 meters, up or down
  • The Tourist: Visit all locations (The 9 locations visited once)
  • Hard Core*: Survive 30 COMPLETE days (Leave Resting Place, Explore a location, Go back to the Resting Place and Sleep), Can be completed end game, must be on day 23.
  • Master of the Craft: Unlock all Craftables – KILL CASEY- FLOOD COMMS. ONLY
  • Completionist*: Unlock all Craftables and complete the story KILL CASEY – FLOOD COMMS. ONLY
  • Honorary Whisperer: Use Guts-Mode 15 times (Cover yourself with Zombie innards, no limitation on days).

Storyline Achievements – Very Easy

All Achievements here can be completed without your knowledge, no second playthrough is necessary unless the desire is to see all endings which has no achievement, but makes a slight difference in achievement gathering.

  • Kid’s Got Talent: Find an Important Ambre Drawing
  • The Man on the Radio: Make contact with Casey
  • New Orleans Most Wanted: Meet May
  • Not a Plumber: Repair the first pump
  • What is a Beast? Meet JB – The only storyline mission involving Bastion, good opportunity to acquire Angel Statue and Safe Code SAFELY as there is no Zombies in sight during mission.
  • Maybe You’ve Heard of Me: Meet Georgia – The only storyline mission involving Bastion, good opportunity to acquire Angel Statue and Safe Code SAFELY as there is no Zombies in sight during mission.
  • Key to the Reserve: Get the Key to the Reserve
  • No Reservations: Decide ANY fate for Casey – To acquire Master of the Craft and Completionist Achievements, best option is to Kill Casey by Flooding the Comms ONLY.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls: Ring the Bell – Can be acquired no matter choice you decide, as long as the bell is rung at the end of the game.

Crafting Achievements – Easy

  • Master of the Craft*: Unlock all Craftables – KILL CASEY at the END. FLOOD COMMS. ONLY
  • Gearhead: Fully upgrade Gear Station (Right Station)
  • Survivalist: Fully upgrade Survival Station (Left Station)
  • Gun Nut: Fully upgrade Gun Station (Middle Station)
  • Gourmand: Craft and eat one of each craftable food item (Left Station)
  • Bourbon Street Pharmacist: Craft all types of meds and bandages, 1 of each
  • The Stig: Craft 5 different items from the Gear Station (Right Station)
  • Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.: Craft 5 different items from the Survivalist Station (Left Station)
  • Pew Pew: Craft 5 different items from the Gun Station (Middle Station)

All the Angels and Saints

Collect every Angel statue and bring them back to the bus. One is in each location.

  • Resting Place: Behind the Coffin when you first contact May (not physical contact).
  • Shallows: The Attic of the Blue Mansion, acquire the key from the first NPC encounter in the Shallows.
  • Via Corolla: In a closet within a cabinet on the floor to the right on the first floor by the stairs in the Tower hideout, in a closet.
  • Old Town: Underneath desk in the Tarped-up Alleyway (Possible Survivor encounter there), Closest to the Old Town Safe building.
  • Memorial Lane: Red Building (Tower infested personnel if during Story), Second floor in a Large Storage room, has a armored mannequin in the room.
  • Rampart: Art room of the School Building.
  • The Ward: Warehouse area, near the encounter of the lone reclaimed soldier, in the Shipping and Logistics building. The large blue highlighted area on the map, furthest from the first skiff.
  • Bastion: Yellow Building, Neighbors house behind Trash bags (No Zombies if during the Story line).
  • Bywater: Car Shop/Garage, Hidden Attic.

Extra Achievements – Special Kill

  • Screw’s Loose: Brain 20 walkers with a Screwdriver
  • Negan’s Dozen: Kill 13 walkers with a Spiked Baseball bat – If the player has the Tourist edition, it can be done slightly quicker, using The Judge.
  • Axeman’s Jazz: Kill 10 Elite Walekrs by braining them with the Esteemed Mortal, Can start when acquired from Bywater Fishing Building (Bladed Baseball bat from Old Town safe)
  • Propane Accessories: Kill 10 enemies with Propane Tank Explosions – Quickly done during Stirred Herd
  • Pyro: Ignite a Propane tank with an Explosive Arrow – Fishing building in Bywater best way during the storyline mission.
  • Arsonist: Kill 3 enemies in a single Propane Tank Explosion – Fishing building in Bywater best way during the storyline mission.

Extra Achievements – Other

  • Blood Bath and Beyond: Collect 5 pillows and bring them back to the bus – Best way to obtain is to collect one in each location up to 3. Guaranteed 2 pillows at the Saint Vincent house (Resting Place, Corner house across from May’s Physical appearance).
  • Hypochondriac: Take medicine while you have no trace of sickness – First encounter with a medicine bottle is easiest (Beginning of the game at the Survival Station.
  • Safecracker*: Open Every Safe – See Safe and Code Locations
  • Truffle Shuffle: Eat 3 Twinkle Toes
  • Shaken, Not Stirred*: Survive a Stirred herd for 2 minutes (After the bell is rung) – Easily acquired by standing around at the raft for 2 minutes as the Stirred Herd is ongoing. You will NOT get the achievement DURING the Stirred Herd, you must LEAVE the area back to the Resting Place to acquire the achievement.
  • Saint: Give up a total of 10 items to Survivors in Need (Unsure if this applies to those who Demand, although I think it does NOT)
  • Fly like a Pelican: Score a basket in the Rampart Gym with a Basketball – Basketballs can be found in the closet of the Gymnasium, or on a bed near the hoop.
  • “You wear intestines well.”: Speak to a character while in Guts-mode
  • The Connoisseur: Eat 10 different food items in one-day cycle (includes Drinks) – You will NOT get the achievement DURING your time exploring, you must LEAVE the area back to the Resting Place to acquire the achievement.
  • Junk Foodie: Eat 10 LOW quality food items (Dog Food, Twinkle Toes, etc.. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Safe and Code Locations


  • Blue Mansion Safe: First Floor to the left of the Main Entrance of the Blue Mansion/Palace. Shallows.
  • Golden Lions Safe: Yellow house with Golden Lion Statues in the front of it, to the right of it behind the brick wall, climb up the side of the house into a hidden area where the Safe is located. Via Corolla.
  • Jazz Men Safe: Near a Storyline key, through the Cemetery, by a truck and Jazz Men statues.
  • Old Town Safe: The Building with Two floors (Yellow?), there are two corners of the house is broken, visible from the outside, check both and you’ll eventually find it, its at the rear of the house.

Code and Hidden Key Locations

  • Hidden Key: Rampart in classroom 201, West wing, next to a deceased couple, goes to the Memorial Lane hidden room.
  • Blue Mansion: #1 Code retrieved after completing Side quest from the first NPC in the Shallows. #2(If attempt #1 fails) On a Pool Table in Via Corolla.
  • Golden Lion Code: The Ward in the shipping building in an office on the first floor.
  • Jazz Men Code: In Bastion, a car has crashed into a house, enter the building by climbing into it, then on the table on the first floor has the code.
  • Old Town Code: Band Room in Rampart School on one of the music stands (EASY TO MISS).

Recipes and Locations

Gun Station

  • .45 Revolver: In Blue Mansion Safe.
  • .45 Ammunition: In Blue Mansion Safe.
  • Lever Action Rifle: Near a story objective in the Ward, in Tower Faction Territory.
  • Assault Rifle: End Game – Flood the Comms Room, Kills Casey.
  • AR Ammunition: End Game – Flood the Comms Room, Kills Casey.

Survival Station

  • Jambalaya: In Tower building Kitchen on the stove, in Via Corolla.
  • Beignet: St. Vincent, across the street from the first Physical appearance of May, in a house.
  • Gumbo: Small house in Old Town, in the Fridge. (Red Building)
  • Compound Bow: In a Hidden Room in Memorial Lane red building (Key acquired in Rampart within the school building).
  • Explosive Arrows: Jazz Men Safe.

Gear Station

  • Samedi’s Hand: in Golden Lions Safe.
  • Esteemed Mortal Bat: Old Town Safe.
  • Timed Noise Maker Bomb: Rampart next to Trent’s Body in a locker room by the Bleachers, Climb up the side and fall down into the Locker room to find Trent along with the schematic.
  • Sticky Proximity Mine: Appears to be a drop from a human soldier, be on the lookout. I’ll update if there is a more convenient location.
  • 4th and Pain Clever: Bathroom of the Nurse’s Office in Rampart
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  1. The key that is under the gun crafting table. What is it for? I can’t grab it. Shine UV light on the table and it says “to Henri, look behind.

  2. The description for where the Angel is in The Ward isn’t workin for me. I’ve been all over the Logistics building area, inside and out, and nothing. Can anybody tell me exactly where the Angel is? Its the last one I need, and it’s the only one I can’t find and have never seen.

  3. I’ve been to the band room at Rampart half a dozen times. I’ve “won” the game three times and tried different strategies each time, but I have NEVER found the code to the Old Town safe in the band room. I’ve walked all around the the room, both sides of the music stands, grabbing at each of them because I couldn’t see anything. Every music stand is empty. Is it possible that for the game on Oculus Quest 2 that the code just isn’t there? I’m also wondering whether it could be a bug in the game. I have been able to find the code for every safe except the Old Town safe.

    • Hi Fuse, I actually found it in the room adjacent to the band room on the floor. Go through the opening in the wall. I hope that works for you!

      • Thanks, Favid. I actually found it on the floor also ! It was right where the music stands “used” to be. They aren’t there anymore. However, the really dumb mistake I was making initially was thinking that the art room with the painting easels was the music room. Can’t believe I was so dumb, because I’m a life-long musician, and know what music stands look like. I also paint, although I’ve never seen easels quite like the ones in the art room.

    • I tried to kill Casey in one of my runs but when I saw the aftermath and the fact that there wasnt anything special other than a dead Casey and being called a psychopath I quickly reloaded a save and just did the right thing. I know there are branching storylines and such, but I can’t bring myself to being a bad person. I just cant do it.

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