The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – How to Kill a Kayran

In this guide, I will give you information on how to kill Kayran, as can be understood from the title. Have a good read…

Pre-Hunting Preparation

If you can’t kill Kayran, chances are you’re diving into a lumberjack without preparing for the monster. This is a very wrong move. Preparation is very important. It’s half the battle to win. As everyone knows, a witcher doesn’t try to hunt a monster without preparation. Drinking the right potions, oil towards his silver sword By driving and choosing and using the right bombs, even if the hunt is a fierce monster, a skilled Witcher will most likely kill that monster. Kayran is indeed a very difficult monster to kill. That’s why we must prepare seriously before killing Kayran.

Things we need to do; You know When we come to Flotsam, Geralt doesn’t have a silver sword because Geralt put Aerondight into the Green Dragon’s mouth. For this reason, we need to get a decent silver sword. Either have it made by a blacksmith or buy it from a merchant. (Fake Aerondight) You have to have good armor so you have to earn money. The merchants in Flotsam have nice leather jackets, you can get one of them. The ‘Quilted Leather’ armor will do the trick.

Geralt Loses Aerondight:

Quilted Leather:

Fake Aerondight:

(Same as the Witcher Sturdy Silver Sword only the hilt is black not red.)

Alchemy Preparations: Make sure to make the Mongos Elixir! Don’t go to fight Kayran without Mongos. Otherwise, you will die before you can withstand Kayran’s poison for long. The poison resistance that Mongos Elixir gives you is 20000%. This is really a very pale poison protection. The advantage of this elixir will give you great comfort. You can learn how to get this elixir from the character named Cedric. There is an item called ‘Ostmurk’ required for Mongos. In addition to that item, you need a mushroom called ‘Scloroderm’. You cannot produce the elixir without this mushroom. Most people cannot produce the potion because they do not have this mushroom. You also need a daisy-like plant called ‘Celadine’.

The alchemical formula for Mongoose Potion:

Make sure to stop by an alchemist, get the alchemical formulas of oils called Falka’s Blood or Swirl and produce the oils. Then, apply whatever oil you choose to your silver sword. You can get the Dancing Star or Shrapnel bombs, but it’s really hard to find the alchemy formulas if you don’t make these bombs at the beginning of the game. For this reason, if you need to take a bomb with you, it would be much more logical to take Samum. You can optionally take various traps with you.

You can also get them from the traps. Although it will do the same with the Yrden sign, but it can be useful when you can’t sign. I recommend you to choose one of the potion combinations of Swallow–Arieson–Mongos or Swallow–Crow–Mongos. If you are sure that you are well prepared, immediately before you go down to Kayran’s lair. before i You must drink the potion. Otherwise you cannot drink the potion. The preparation part is over. Now let’s move on to Combat Tactics…

Combat Tactics

Here you are in front of Kayran. On top of you constantly:- YRDEN… TRAP IT WITH THE YRDEN! There is a selfish sorceress who doesn’t understand one iota of you and you say to her:- YOU COME HERE AND TRAP IT! You say.

First, don’t get excited. At least try it. If you get excited, your chances of making mistakes will increase. You play as Geralt of Rivia! And God knows how many times Geralt has fought a Glader. The man is not excited at all because this is an ordinary situation for him and those like him, so for Witchers, if you act like it’s ordinary for you, your job will be easier. Well, now that we’ve taken care of the psychological part, we can move on. Remember, you’re a Witcher. ! what a Witcher!

First of all, one finger must always be on Quen. As soon as the battle starts, you must sign Quen. Then you must keep Yrden ready and do it when the right moment comes. You will know that the right moment has come from here; Yrden to a place where you predict one of his arms will come after you escape from Kayran’s attacks. make a sign or set a trap, the choice is yours and retreat. Kayran will press your Yrden signal and his arm will be locked to the ground so that you can hit him, and you will strike consecutive blows at Kayran’s bulging Tendoms with your silver sword. Attack quickly or powerfully, but my advice is fast. You’re in favor of attacking. Before long, you will cut Kayran’s arm as a result of these attacks. Actually, this is what you have to do until the end of the fight.

Kayran will get angry when you cut off his arms if he gets angry. He will spray you with his poisonous mucus. Protect yourself as much as possible by avoiding this poisonous mucus to the right or left in whatever direction is appropriate, but if you get caught in this mucus, do not worry. If you press the left button, that is, the light attack button, Geralt will cut the mucus and you will get rid of it without losing your life. What I am saying here is that you will die from the poison of the mucus, so avoid it. If you stay stuck in the mucus of the monster and you cannot get rid of the mucus, the monster will kill you. It uses its mucus as a spider web, Kayran.O That’s why it’s good to be careful. Don’t stay still. Always avoid to the right. When there is no place to avoid, avoid to the left and occasionally make a Yrden sign or set a trap, this is what you will do for sure. You will be like a ball, it will constantly roll, you will avoid attacks as much as possible.

Towards the end of the #fight, you will rise above Kayran’s arms and fly a little in the air and hit Kayran:

All you have to do in this part is to hit the Kayran like crazy and when the time comes, press the right mouse button to jump down from the tentacles. (The right button is shown on the screen. Sorry for not remembering the Right or Left button.)

This way you can kill Kayran.

What to Do After Killing Kayran?

After killing Kayran, no matter where you find parts, skin, eye, ear, carapace, head, hunting trophy, tentacle, in short, wherever you find it. Afterwards (You will earn money like a donkey for killing Kayran.) Go to an armorer and get Kayran Carapace Armor. You can make it and use it beautifully.

Kayran Carapace Armor:

Kayran Carapace Armor Diagram:

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